Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sentimental and Vintage Ornaments

It's my day off and Santa is about to make a delivery-
a new sofa.
When my kids moved away,
I got rid of the sectional that covered my entire
SMALL SPACE living area.
My daughter has it figured.
We've had 5 sofas in the past 8 years- (LOL)
all of which were second-handers
and weren't the most comfortable.
I brought home another about 2 weeks ago
because the last one broke the weekend of Thanksgiving
(Thank God!)
It smells like the bed of an animal
and would probably be just right for a huge dog.
That did it! 
My husband said, "This has got to go!"
On the outside, I'm saying,
"We just can't do that right now,"
On the inside, I'm jumping up and down.
That's why the new sofa.
So while I waited for Santa,
I trimmed the last tree.
It's only special to me
because it's filled with special memories
of my son's childhood
and a few vintage ornaments thrown in.
I added the ribbon to fill in the holes.
My baby boy made this when he was only 3 years old
and a student a Sister's Baptist Church Kindergarten.
A great idea to do with your children.
A jar lid- $0
A piece of lace- $0 or 25 cents depending on where you shop
A piece of a paper and some markers-$1 (at the Dollar Store) 
Your little one's thumbprint and a memory that will last a lifetime-PRICELESS!
Hallmark ornaments of
baseball heros.
(Yes, my son loves baseball.
Our vacations were spent at a ball field
in Little League tournaments.)
He played college ball all four years.
Yes, we are proud!
No sacrifices there!
We loved every minute of it!
One of four vintage ornaments
that I got for $1.50.
A GA Bulldog, of course!
Another vintage love-
a Toy Soldier among other
throw-aways from a friend.
My GRANDbaby (1 year old)
will be here day after tomorrow!
He can take down the whole tree,
I don't care!
Just to know that
he'll be "Home for Christmas."


  1. Wow a new sofa. That's lovely. Your tree is beautiful. Just adding you to my Blog Reading List. I am getting it straightened out finally. HTML CODING KILLS ME. Love and miss you, olive

  2. Hey sweets...

    Oh...those special ornaments. I have a small tree filled with them...

    I received my beautiful wreath a few days ago and I love it. I absolutely love it. I hung it on my door downstairs and my girl immediately wanted it. NO! :)

    Thank you so much...tell your daughter I think's it's amazing.

    Hope you are well...on the 28th I'm having surgery and excited about being able to feel my hands again.

    Merry Christmas with love.



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