Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No, It's Not White It's Pretty In Pink

Ok, I know I promised a White Tree.
I guess we can all dream of a White Christmas, can't we?
Guess what?
Excuse #1-Legit.
It was TOO BIG!
Back to Walmart-
Exchanged and a few dollars
left over for FLUFF!
I think it's my favorite tree yet.
Filled it full of my baby girl's childhood ornaments-
Hallmark Collectible Barbies were her favorite.
A Ballerina
I bought this Nutcracker Barbie at the end of the season last year
from the owner of our shop.
It's not as sentimental as the others,
but I think it's the most beautiful.
The First Barbie
I hadn't intended to use anything but pastels.
I think the hot pink bird just pops!
Just makes my little corner shine.
Don't you think?
Happy Deck-the-Halls,


  1. Bonnie, your little corner certainly does shine. The tree is perfect and the pastels are beautiful..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Bonnie, I think the tree is very pretty! Bonnie


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