Monday, December 24, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: Christmas Eve

This is the second year without Mama and Daddy.
As the week of Christmas drew near,
I was filled with a holy reverence and Presence
as if God Himself had wrapped me in His light and love.

I heard a gentle whisper in my ear,
"I AM God With Us-Emanuel."
That gentle whisper has become a
voice that lingers with me, and
the tears or grief have been replaced with tears of joy
from memories of Christmas' past.
Christmas Eve for the "Second Row, Piano Side"family
was anything but boring.
We spent the evening with some of our cousins.
Our night of celebration somewhat resembled
the Fourth of July.
Days before, Mama would cross the bridge into South Carolina
to buy firecrackers and sparklers.
The boys enjoyed throwing the "poppers, " and 
listening to the girls scream.
We lit sparklers, blue, red and green,
until every box was gone.
After dinner, we went riding around
"to see the Christmas lights."
We looked for the same decorated homes year after year
and checked the sky for Rudoph's bright and shiny nose.
We had our very own Santa living right next door.
Of course, we didn't know that he lived next door
until years later.
While we were out seeing the sights of Christmas,
Santa was busy unpacking boxes,
putting together bikes and a swingset or
whatever the big wish was for the year decade.
(The "biggies" didn't happen often and I wonder today
if the neighbors didn't have something to
do with it.)
A few minutes later our neighbors would visit
to see what Santa had brought.
Daddy would then read the Christmas story
and we'd gather 'round the piano
and sing carols.
This year, similar to Christmas' past,
we enjoyed the music of the season,
(as well as a little "I'm a Believer" and "Play That Funky Music.")
laughed and sang along
as my brother led.
The future generation follows close behind.
Sarah, my niece is learning to play,
and my great nephews,
already have "real" guitars of their own.
Parker has a blue one!
And Uncle Bruce made sure that
my big boy got to play along.
My Connor man was so excited!
Next year, big boy, next year!
It was all about the little ones as it is
year after year.
The little ones look up to the big boys
with awe and amazement.
Traditions, though different, remain
and we will continue to pass on the legacy of love
to the next generation.
(We are a music family.  I'm gonna name drop here at bit...
Dave Haywood with Lady Antebellem is my first cousin's, son.
Dave's grandfather and my mom are brother and sister.
Back in the day, his dad and my brother and other cousins
got together around the old pop belly stove and played their guitars and sang.)
Merry Christmas!
May God Bless You This Christmas Eve!

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