Monday, December 3, 2012

Move Over Shiny Brites. The White Tree is Going UP.

I had decided that this would be a low-key year for decorating.
My middle room is usually freshly cleaned and decorated
by the first week in December.
This year it is covered in wrapping paper, boxes,
and gifts that are yet to be wrapped and under my tree.
Clutter, clutter, clutter.
My pink room is my favorite.
A small green tree usually holds the Barbie ornaments
and ballerina ornaments that my daughter got each Christmas.
I'd decided that I would pull out my milk glass which holds
my pink Shiny Brite ornaments all year long
and that would be the extent of my decorating.
Have I said that I just love my pink room???
These are old photos and I'm sure you've already seen them
but I just love looking at my white hobnail milk glass.
It makes me smile.
What was I talking about..
(My love for milk glass will get me off the subject in a flash!)
Oh, yeah...
Well, I've always wanted a white tree and I found a 6'5 one that had been reduced at Walmart.
I'll have to say I've been a bit disappointed in Walmart this year.
But tonight while I was browsing, I spotted this GREAT tub of
Powder Pink, Glittery White, and Minty Green ornaments.
I was instantly in love.
I walked all over the store trying to talk myself out of that white tree
and those perfectly pastel ornaments.
Excuses, excuses, excuses
My room is so small.
The tree is too large.
My husband would kill me.
 More ornaments needed to fill the tree.
No time now that I'm working.
My husband is going to kill me.
I'd have to move the chair or the cedar chest.
....ahhhh...that's an idea.
During the holidays we always need extra seating.
I could use the chest as a bench.
The tree and ornaments were put in and taken out of my buggy
three different times.
Does anyone else do that???
And I just could stand it no longer-
I bought the tree.
The Shiny Brites will probably remain in the milk glass,
But the tree is GOING UP...
Stay Tuned,
Bonnie :o

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  1. I love white trees. Saw a pretty one at K-mart this year but have to stick with one (green) I have for now. Can't wait to see your's up in the room. Pastel ornaments will be gorgeous on it. Pretty pink shiny brites and of course, love the milk glass..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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