Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Toddler

As I eagerly anticipate Christmas with my children,
I am filled with excitement.
To experience the joy of Christmas
through the eyes of a toddler,
will be more than my heart can contain.
His busy little hands are touching everything.
He toddles awhile until he realizes that
he can move faster on all fours.
He is a sweet boy.
He reaches for the lights on the tree,
touches ever so softly
and then off to another adventure he goes-
like Mommy's kitchen cabinets
with pots and pans and spoons-
better than a real "live" set of drums.
His room His dad's old room is all ready for his arrival.
My mama's ceramic tree now finds a place
among my Christmas treasures and will one day
find it's place among my children's treasures.
Mr. Vintage Santa will welcome him.
A couple of years ago while shopping with my DIL,
I spotted Mr. Santa.
He was out of my $5 budget.
I said, "No, thank you."
To my surprise, he was under the tree
Christmas morning.
He will be Connor's one day for sure.
Today was the first time in months that I have been pickin'.
I was so excited to snag these vintage coasters
for a whoppin' 25 cents
and a vintage card decoupaged to a little cardboard basket
  for 25 cents.
Both were waiting for me at the local Salavation Army.
As happy I am that I will have the joy
of holding my sweet boy and watching
him teeter about from room to room,
I am saddened that some will not have this pleasure.
The horrific tragedy that had not escaped the
families in Connecticut
will mark Christmas for us all.
As I look at my baby,
I wonder what his and my future grandchildren's
world will be like.
I can only trust the One who came to earth
so that He may sympathize with our pain,
that He may identify with our weakness,
and that He may comfort us as we mourn.
Jesus...Emanuel..God with us.
As He now holds those children in his arms,
may their mommies and daddies,
teachers and friends,
feel His embrace as they face the lonely painful days ahead.
As we hold our children,
may we remember to pray for those who can't.

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