Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hometown Christmas: The Country Buffet

The Shepherds, a Southern Gospel group from
my hometown, have a new single out.
Hometown Christmas
It's one of my favorites.
Thought I'd share some photos from my hometown.
I will post the words to this Christmas song
in upcoming posts.

Mama's kind of cooking at
The Country Buffet
on the square in
Sandersville, GA.
We eat there after church most Sundays.
Macaroni Salad
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Green Pea Salad
in addition to a
Tossed Salad Bar
Green Beans
Butter beans (you may call them Lima Beans)
Cream Corn
Cream Potatoes (the REAL thang)
Rice and Gravy
Squash Casserole
Sweet Potato Souffle
Fried Chicken (THE BEST)
Roast Beef
Fried Fat Back (only in the South)
Fried Pork Chops
Thin and Crispy Lace Cornbread
Apple or Peach Cobbler
Chocolate Delight
Cake (a different one every week)
Home baked cookies(Sometimes)
Ice Cream (Always)
Lunch Served Daily
The old rusty bike is a permanent stay.
It's basket is filled with all kinds of goodies
depending on the season.
The owners, Neil and Penny Pittman
have a love affair with antiques.
They love auctions and are especially fond of
old pottery.
They have a special way of displaying small town
history inside the store.
My friend, Olive of Olive Out photographed and blogged about
 The Pittman's Sleigh last Christmas.
They have a catering business, as well and
are famous in our neck of the woods.
Even Honey Boo-Boo showed up one Saturday. 
In our Hometown we always say,
"Merry Christmas."
From the Country Buffet.
More of my Hometown to follow.
Find this plate at Geo. Quarters
along with other great Christmas gifts.
Today I purchased "A Dog Named Munson"
and a Mint Spruce Bean Pod candle.
My home smells like Christmas.

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  1. Bonnie the menu sounds wonderful! I bet they have fried catfish on Fridays??? There is nothing like good ole southern food. If it was Sunday it was either fried chicken or pot roast. I miss those days. The company was always as good as the food. And, the food was amazing.


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