Sunday, January 27, 2013

A September Wedding of Rustic Charm

A September Wedding...

Specht Farm...

A Blank Canvas...

Let the creative juices flow and the fun begin!

Joy said, 
"The chandelier was an unexpected element of surprise
once you pulled into the pecan orchard."

The antique dresser and mirror, table and chairs with 
vintage linen, and a chalkboard sign were all touches of 
the rustic charm the bride was looking for.

The painted plant stands were the perfect
pops of color needed for the fern baskets.

Love the lanterns atop the natural wooden fence.

The fruit tray looks scrumptious and compliments
the colors in the floral bouquets.

A galvanized bucket full of shrimp.

Wooden barrels make great serving tables.

Cascading lights....

May I have this dance for the rest of my life?

Thanks, Joy for allowing me to eavesdrop on some of your magical moments.

Hopefully, more to come:)



  1. Hey Bonnie, Just dropped over for a visit and to follow with you. How exciting to meet a new friend. I love your header...the white milk glass and old linens....ohhhhh, such a beautiful combination. The wedding pics are, love, all the sweet touches for the wedding. Such wonderful ideas.. I look forward to many wonderful visits with you. Blessings to my new Friend!

  2. Very pretty. I love that watermellon fruit bowl with the initials. Great idea.


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