Monday, January 21, 2013

A Touch of Pink and a Girlie Sleepover

I love a touch of Pink.

You'd think from looking
at my entire decorating scheme
that BLUE is my color of choice.

I actually have one special room 
in the house for me-
it is my PINK ROOM
in vintage style.

It makes me feel at peace.
In this crazy, busy world
we all need a place of comfort.

On this Holiday off, 
I've been cleaning like crazy.

Gotta get it all pretty for
some sweet girls
from our church youth group.

So, I picked up some things at the shop
that haven't sold in months.

These will go in my Pretty Pink room 
when I decide how to display them.

Don't think my teenage girls will be trying on these,
but they are lovely.

I know I'll have to set the alarm.
I'm sure they'll be sharing
secrets until the wee hours of the morning.

Nothing as sweet as girl talk.

Seems like only yesterday
that my girl was sharing secrets
with her church girls.

Been reminiscing about those days.
Good years, fun times
when the girls stayed up 
til the early morning
playing cards
and singing, 
"This Kiss," by Faith Hill

Hope my girls never forget those days. 

My baby girl has been married almost 9 years.
I can't believe it!
and my daughter in love and son have been married
almost 5 years!
(Photos above)

Do you have a special room?
Do you have moments and memories of your girl talks?

Please share. 
I'd like to hear from you!



  1. Sweet Pinks Bonnie and you know I love the clock. Do you want the green farm house table island? If so shoot me an email and we might can arrange it.

  2. Bonnie I love pink. It is everything girlie! I have been having moments of remembering my little one. It is sometimes hard when they move away. I loved those nights when she would pop up in bed for talking, giggling and snuggling. Hugs! Bonnie

  3. Bonnie, the girls from church are going to love staying in your pink room. GREAT vintage clock!!
    Mary Alice

  4. I always love to have a pretty room in the house to visit and play with. Mine is my dining room and china cabinet with all my pretty pink china. I actually take it all out and admire how beautiful it is.

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    I love pink and girlie nad those lace gloves are so sweet!!

  6. Hi Bonnie: You know I love pink too. I remember having teen girl's over night. I really do miss those days..Thanks for your kind words to me..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I'm so glad that we have found each other! I'm looking forward to reading your posts and seeing all of your pretty images. I see that you love pink and pretty and I can so relate.
    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.


  8. Hi Bonnie, just stopping in to say hi to an old friend! Memories of pink for me include my first lipstick and a watch. Love wearing alittle pink now and then. It makes me feel "pretty" after a long week of work cleaning and kids! Stop by and check out my new blog sometime! xo Pam


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