Saturday, January 5, 2013


Another glitch???
What's with this????
Can't post photos!
Anyone have the answer???
Don't like not being able to connect!


  1. Hi Bonnie, I haven't been able to post for 3 days. Other bloggers have replied that if you upload the photos in html mode and then switch back and forth to compose mode you can upload that way. Someone else recommended using Firefox web browser instaed of Internet Explorer.

  2. Bonnie, I think a lot of folks are having some issues. It seems there are always a glitch when when blogger is updating or changing something around. Hopefully this will clear up soon. Bonnie

  3. Hi Bonnie. I had the same problem, as you'll see if you visit my blog (two posts ago). It was a sad little post with no pictures. My guess is you were using Internet Explorer, as that's what I always used, too. A day later I tried again to see if the glitch was fixed - and it wasn't. It was then that I tried using Mozilla Foxfile (others have also had great success with Google Chrome) and VOILA!!! It worked JUST like my sick little Internet Explorer used to. The weird thing is, I'm STILL using Internet Explorer for everything else (because I'm used to it, and old habits die hard), but for my blogposts, I'm not using Foxfire. Give that a try. I'm sure it will solve all your problems. There are free downloads for both Mozilla Foxfire and Google Chrome. Just google it and they'll pop up. Good luck!!!! A gal HAS to be able to share photos, right?


  4. Having the same issue and I did the HMTL to upload photos ( click on it and then upload) and then click COMPOSE and write!
    Why can't blogger just leave things alone when they work!


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