Friday, January 4, 2013

Hobnail Milk Glass Cake Plate and a Dolie

As a little girl, I'd sit for hours watching my granny
work her hands around the yarn and the needles.
In and out, over and under,
never missing a stitch,
talking while she crocheted.
I was so surprised a few weeks to receive in the mail
a package that read,"Merry Christmas from Granny."

(Since I am unable to download photos right now, see Granny's doilie in the new header.
BTW, what's going on with Blogger and Photos?)
My cousin who practically lived at Granny's house,
held sentimental treasures that I adored.
I was bold enough to say that I wanted one
and she was sweet enough to share.
Can you believe it was PINK-MY FAVORITE!
It is so delicate and pretty.
A treasure that I will keep forever.
My daughter surprised me with another treasure
that I have longed for.
My budget only allows $5 for most items,
however I will sometimes pay $20 for a piece that I LOVE!
BUT NEVER have I EVER found
a hobnail, milkglass cake plate
that I could afford.

Yes, my children live in Nashville, TN
and frequent the flea market once a month.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened this...

(Again, due to technical difficulties, please see the cake plate in my new header.)

What on earth is going on???

I'm thinking, NOT AGAIN!

Happy New Year,



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  1. Bonnie, I adore milk glass. It is becoming more expensive and harder to find. Your new possessions are lovely. I love the new header as well. Bonnie


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