Friday, January 18, 2013

Hope is like Sweet Kisses on an Ironstone Platter

Healing may come in like a flood.

Healing may be just around the corner.

Healing may be a journey.

Either way, healing will come.

I am in the process of healing.

I received a facebook message from a friend this week
"Your cries have awakened the Master."

I cried, I praised, I rejoiced because
I know she hears from the Master.

My friend teaches like Beth Moore,
loves like Anne Graham Lotz,
and is passionate like Joyce Meyers.

Our Bible Study this week was the little BIG book of Habakkuk.

Habakkuk was not afraid to ask the hard questions!
He poured out his heart.
He asked WHY???
Why injustice?
Why destruction and violence?
Why strife and conflict?

We may ask...
Why the killing of innocent children?
Why the plight of the homeless?

Why aborted babies and babies born to mothers who don't want them
when my baby can't have a baby?

I mean, God, we need a miracle and we need it now.

As the Israelites cried out, I cry, 
"Lord, for the sake of your name answer.
Lord, my baby is hurting and I'm afraid.
Lord, for the sake of your name!"

I ask the hard questions!
He can take it!

Habakkuk got a divine response.
"Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed,
For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe,
even if you were told."  1:5

God is going to answer in a way that there will be no doubt that it is GOD!
We will be utterly amazed

The answer will come.
"For the revelation awaits an appointed time,
it speaks to an end and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it.
It will certainly come and will not delay."  2:3

God is mindful of You, my friend.
Whatever your "WHY", it is gonna end well
and bring glory to God.
There is an appointed time.

This hope feels like sweet kisses on an ironstone platter:)
(Photo taken of a photo by Rachel Ashwell)

In Jesus Name, 

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  1. Bonnie, A loving and heartfelt post. We are all in the process of healing from one wound or another. Hugs.


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