Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Child's Play and a Tea Set

So, I have a day off and what do I do?

Play House.

My table resembles a child tea set-
a little of this, a little of that.

Mama loved a tea set.  
Maybe it was because she never had one as a little girl.
But she made sure that we got a new one every year. 

Good thing, because I broke or lost a few
and wound up with bits and pieces of this and that.

So, I guess I can call this
child's play.

The temperature in central GA is a whopping 83 degrees.
If it's this warm, why not some beach days.

The seashells have been collected over the years from Hilton Head Island
from our annual beach trips.

I keep them in this tarnished silver bowl.

I like it unpolished. 
A hint of blue peeks through the metal
and makes me think of the ocean.

I picked up the blue salad plates at Goodwill today
for 50 cents a piece.
Good deal, huh?

Not just cheap, "Made in China" stuff either.

Once in a while I take out my hobnail goblets.
I love milk glass.

The table cloth I picked up from a local shop,
an estate find.

Isn't she lovely?

No, I'm not an interior decorator.
But a little girl can pretend, 



  1. What a fun way to spend your day off:-) Your table is so pretty and the shells are perfect in your tarnished silver bowl. Love the hobnail milk glass.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could find you! I love the Psals that you have on your side bar ~ A couple in our church wrote a song that goes along with it and I just love it! It is one of my favorites ~


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