Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 1

I love the music
the castle
the costumes
the upper crust
the lowly servants
and the relationship between them both.
I love the romance
the longing in the eyes of lovers-
like Lady Mary and Matthew Crawly

The daring elopement of Sybil and Branson.
 I can't help myself, Anna and Mr. Bates
are my favorite of them all.

The chemistry between the two is electric and magnetic
and I must say,
creates a spark within me too.

Even in his prison garb, he is quite a handsome, sexy man!
However, I was a bit disappointed in Episode 1.
Was anyone else?
I wanted a royal wedding.
I wanted vows and festivities and food.
Not just an exchange and back to the real world in the next scene.
I was disappointed in the costumes of the day,
but I guess I never was thrilled with the 1920's flapper fashions.
I wanted a farewell, a tearful hug from Ma-Ma
and a handshake for Matthew from Pa-Pa.

I honestly wonder if Season 3 can live up to Seasons 1 and 2.
I mean, what can me more dramatic than romance
distracted or interrupted?
What can compete with the drama of war, plagues, death and dying.

Hopefully, the saga of Anna and Mr. Bates
will bring some suspense and excitement.

The fear of the collapse of Downton is just not getting it for me.

And poor Edith.

Will they continue to make a mockery of her?

What do you think???

Bonnie :)

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  1. I felt the same. A tad let down but so glad they finally got married.

  2. I haven't seen season 1 or 2, but my friend insists it's a great series. I Tvo'd it but haven't watched the first episode of season 3 yet. I hope I like the series as much as everyone else.

  3. I am addicted to Downton Abbey! I love the hour before it comes on because our PBS station is now airing about castles all over Europe! How exciting to see all the decor.


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