Saturday, January 26, 2013

"A Taste of the Perfect Southern Wedding"

I have been strolling among 
my friends on Facebook
looking for new ideas.

I'd hit a Blogger's "blank"
and needed some inspiration
when I stumbled upon some 
incredible wedding photos.

To my delight and surprise, 
I discovered that 
my friend, Joy Lord
is a magnificent artist.

When we consider art, 
our imaginations are drawn to galleries of 
sculptures, framed photography or 
displays of ink, pencil, oil, and watercolor.

However, according to Webster, 
an artist is an expert, authority, guru, crackerjack,
or master skilled in a particular area
by experience, study, or observation.

I don't know how Joy came to aquire such talent,
whether it was a natural gift or an aquired skill.
Nevertheless, she has the gift of design.

A true artist, she is in every sense of the word.

The Bride is a very practical, quiet, fun-loving 
southern girl.
Not much into flowers, she likes to hunt, 
fish and play sports.

When I asked Joy where she got her inspiration, 
she said, 
"My niece wanted 'simple' so I pulled out 
the mason jars and went to pick cotton for a taste
of the perfect southern wedding."

This photograph, by Natalie McDonald,
another friend, 
captured the true rustic elogance of the moment.
The chandelier in the corner, the upclose branch of cotton,
and beautiful vignette of cotton and candles on the mantle, 
the hanging wooden initials-all sweet tastes of Southern flair.

White Fenton, hobnail vases, brown paper bags, 
and a stem of cotton-
all elements of vintage design.

A sweet thank-you to "momma and daddy,"
sentiments of a true southern belle.

Joy says, "I try to hear what my brides are telling me and 
create a fairy tale wedding for them."

I feel "fairy tale" written all over this, don't you?

More to Come, 


Thanks Joy for allowing me to share.

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  1. I do. Nothing beats a true southern event! Lovely.


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