Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Vintage Wedding in Savannah, GA

Weddings in Savannah, GA
make me SMILE

The Bride,
Jessica Brown Aycock, 
a photographer herself,
Shana Cawley Photography
to shoot her wedding.

Jessica shares my love for vintage.

I don't know that I've ever seen a prettier vintage-brooch bouquet.

Jessica knew what she wanted.
She often visited the shop in search of the 
perfect pieces to put this all together. 

A photographer, she has an eye for beauty.

The vintage gown, the hair, the city,
the look of romance in the eye-
all make me smile.

He stole her heart.

But this little fellow claimed her first!

Look who now has HIS hand!
What a sweet family!

Spanish moss, River Street,
a lone guitarist or struggling artist
in the courtyard, a wedding, 
a family reunion, a honeymoon, 
All Savannah-
All make me smile.


Thank you, Jesse for allowing me to use your photos.
Thank you Shana Cawley Photography.

In a few days, I will feature some of Jessica's great photography.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Bedroom Inspiration

I'm about to redo my son's old room 
for the upteenth dozen time.


It's been at least 3 different 
color combinations 
in 4 years!

So, I'm really going with
the new-now old-
colors of
aqua, orange, and brown.


The little table is a T.J. Maxx find.
It's new with a distressed look.

The basket I got in Nashville
Southern Honey Workshop.

A Kindle download can't compete
with flipping pages of
my favorite magazines. 

I intend to move these around.
Just wanted you to see my color scheme.

I found this same dresser on another blog friend's post.
It was painted cream and the knobs were painted 
the same green as the little table.

This will be my next project. 

Hope to find new bedding soon.

Any suggestions on which color to 
paint my walls?

Thanks for your sweet comments.
They are like biting into a slice of homemade 
peanut butter cheesecake-

Bonnie :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Southern Wedding in Historic Savannah, GA

I love Savannah.

It's full of history and character.

I've been bugging my friend, Debra
to share her memories.

She's a busy lady, 
and I could wait no longer
to share her lovely wedding photos 
with you.

The event had been in the making for months.

Debra is a real thrifter 
and knows the trade well.

She is always on the hunt. 
Searching for just the right finds 
was a joy and delight for her.

Finding the right place
to create an air of romance
was essential.

This historical building was just perfect
for the sit-down meal at Cha Bella's.

Love the galvanized tiered stand.

She found this at a local shop.
It was a mirror from an antique dresser.
Chalkboard paint is wonderful!

The day was perfect for an outdoor wedding
in one of  Savannah's gardens.

Burlap, cut wood and cotton balls,
my favorite combination.

A sentimental bouquet.

Love the things we can do with old windows.  
This was perfect. 

Another view of the table.

A wooden toolbox-perfect table decor.

The bride anxiously awaits. 

Every detail was gorgeous, 
but the bride was the most spectacular 
of them all!

It was certainly a fairytale wedding, 
carriage ride and all!

Debra and Hershel


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Southern Rustic Charm Continues with a Young Photographer

A few weeks ago I featured 
a southern wedding 
by Wedding Planner, 
Joy Lord.

Photos are in and they are unbelievable!

The young photographer, 
Natalie McDonald. 

Joy was able to capture the
heart of the bride.

 Natalie was able to 
capture the emotion of the moment.

The couple wanted to honor tradition
and chose not to see each other 
before the ceremony.

With emotions and chemistry 
on the edge, 
Natalie was able to make 
this moment happen.

Natalie expressed her love for photography in this way, 
"I've always had an interest in photography and I've played 
with it for years."

As a youth, her grandparents were my mentors.
Her mother practically grew up in my back yard.
So, she's kinda special to me. 

She contributes her art to her granddad.
"He was an inspiration to me.  He could look at the world
and see the most beautiful picture and bring it to life in 
his own way.  I feel that photography does that 
for me.  It lets me express the way I view the world."

Joy and Natalie made quite a team.

Perfect lighting contrast and shadowing.

Is this not vintage-picture perfect?
The brides bouquet was a bundle of cotton.

Natalie appreciates the need to preserve the past.
"It's easy to forget the past that molds the works around us today."

A storybook moment for sure.

Natalie also loves to photograph old buildings 
and structures. 

Postcard Perfect

"Photography is a way to immortalize a moment or person 
or place.  I feel like it's what Pop was able to do
and I hope to be half the artist he was."

I would say Natalie is well on her way.

Thanks girls, for allowing me to get
a glimpse into some very private moments 
and emotions.

Believing in You, 
Bonnie :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The White Rabbit

This sweet little room is the spare bedroom
in my home-away-from home
in Nashville. 

Christy and Troy bought the bed from
 The White Rabbit, 
a shop in my home town 
that has since closed.

My ideas for a White Lace and Promises shop
came from The White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit was a little hidden treasure, 
a white cottage full of whites.
It's there that I fell in love and learned all about milk glass.

Each room was fully furnished and accessorized with 
all things vintage.
The sun room, kitchen, living room and one bedroom were
decorated in shabby chic style
with soft pinks, blues, lavenders, mint and yellows 
thrown in here and there.

Every piece of furniture had been painted and distressed
and could have come right out of a Rachel Ashwell 
This little hideaway knew the secret long before 
the rest of the world.

The kids paid $65 for the bed.
The owner wanted to keep the feather mattress.

The chair was another treasure
from The White Rabbit
Sold with the natural chippy white patina.

I think the white just pops against the 
colonial blue walls.

My name is 
White Lace and Promises.

This room holds PROMISE!

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
But at the end it will speak 
and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come, 
It will not tarry."
Habakkuk 2:3


Bonnie :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Southern Honey Workshop, Nashville, TN

I found myself a new little shop 
to explore on my frequent trips
to see my children.

Southern Honey 
"Shabby Chic."

My daughter found this bird sitting atop
a milk glass plate stand.

She snagged it immediately.

The owners had balls of yarn
sitting randomly around.
She came home and did her own!

I was in design heaven!

The local girl owners, 
Kim Elkins 
and Ashley Chambers
have one of a kind furnishings.

They offer 
Miss Mustard Seed Paint
and by products
as well as their very own
Southern Honey
Chalk Paint.

She said that she'll add some green moss
and more yarn balls.

I purchased this hand painted tin sign.
I moved and changed things up a bit.
I think the sweet Willow Tree with the birds
is perfect!

The blue birds and the sign will be constant reminders 
of God's provision.

"Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; 
yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.  
Are you not of more value than they?"
Matthew 6:26

Southern Honey is my kind of shop.

It was full of painted furniture in 
different colors 
and lightly distressed.

The girls were eager to share their 
knowledge and how-tos
with their customers.

Such a darling little shop that you will want 
to pop in the next time you are in the area.

The address is
2628 Old Lebanon Rd.
Nashville, TN  37214

Visit them at

I also got the small corner shelf there!
Love it!
I'm taking the phone off the hook
and taking myself a little nap.
It was a long ride home.

My little finds were well worth the excursion!

Not to mention that I got to see this 
little fellow...

Talk about EYE candy-sugar and all!

See ya soon!

Bonnie :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini Valentine Sessions by Sheila Godfrey Photography

This week, in honor of our Sweethearts,
I will be featuring some really darling
photos and vignettes.

I am amazed by all the creative artists 
 we have in our small community.

Today I would like to feature the
photography of one of my dearest friends,
Sheila Godfrey.

Our faith is the common bond that 
ties us together. 
She also shares my love for vintage.

We worked together in the small 
shop that I managed last year-
that is when she wasn't busy with

Photography sessions,
Christmas tree sales, 
Youth Camps,
Weekend Youth Retreats, 
Mission Trips,
Football games, Baseball games, Basketball games,
and all the many activities that go along with being a
wife, mother, and grandmother. 

This is Sheila with her husband and the newest addition to her sweet family.

I don't know of anyone who stays as busy as Sheila. 

She is busy during all the seasons
capturing precious moments
and memories of a lifetime.

Mini Valentine Sessions featured some of the darlings 
that she photographs for each special event.

Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
(And a little mischief too)

Already a heart-throb with flowers and candy for 
someone special.

Pucker up!

This little sweetheart is a doll.
I love the way Sheila is able to capture each child's personality.

Love the banner.
I can never resist a little red wagon.

Sheila also does cards for every occasion.
I'm crazy about that chalkboard!

Okay, I'm a Georgia Girl.
Couldn't resist showing off these two sweethearts.
 I'm quite fond of them both.

What endears me to Sheila so much is the compassion 
she has for others. 
She has a sensitive spirit and a special heart 
for mothers of young children and teenagers.
She has a weekly Bible Study for young mothers
and teaches youth and chaperons every event.

Her business is more than a business.
It is her ministry.

Is this not just the cutest little cowboy
you have ever seen?

These are just a few of Sheila's work.
I do love her style.

Thanks for sharing, Sheila.
Love you, my friend.