Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun, Filled Fall Weekend in Nashville

Fall Weekend in Nashville
The party had been in the making for a whole year.
The Halloween decorations were perfect.
An Orange Burlap Banner with  Yellow Pom-Poms..
An Orange Burlap Banner with White Pom-Poms-
made by my sweet daughter in law.
Preparations were made and all things were ready for
The guest of honor,
Connor Dawson Hitchcock
Nothing like the wonder in the eyes of a child!
What do I do?
We stayed at our daughter and son in law's home.
It was decorated with touches of Fall.
This is my favorite bedroom.
It's ours when we are there:)
The colors are always coordinated-fitting for each room.
The colored frames are always a focal point,
whatever the season.
A painted pumpkin and a pine cone,
perfect small table decor.
My favorite fall vignette
Great minds think alike!
A spray with a burlap ribbon...
Fall berries with a G...
for The Grants..
we enjoyed the beauty of God's blessings-inside and out.
My daughter and her husband took my niece
to Nashville's Flea Market after the party.
Can you believe that I was in bed with vertigo and
missed the biggest flea market of the year
and missed the Georgia Game with My Boys???
Maybe next time.
BTW, my daughter can't take all the credit for the homespun ideas.
Troy is quite creative!
A piece of that creativity is what I'm asking for Christmas!


  1. Bonnie, Nashville is one of my very favorite cities. My parents were raised there. I lived there for nine years after I married. It is a wonderful place. So sorry you missed the flea market.

  2. Loved the pumpkin vignettes. There in no good time for vertigo but what awful timing.

  3. what a fun day! Love the "G" and wreath on the door...very pretty photos all the way around!


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