Thursday, October 11, 2012


My stats have declined drastically.
Do you ever wonder if anyone is reading?
Is anyone interested?
Do I hang in or bail out?
Just wonder how you girls do it?
Any advice or know where I might go to for advice?
I'm lonely in BLOGLAND.

So many started when I started and they are already candidates for BlogHer.

I need some advice.


  1. Hi Bonnie, stats go up and down for whatever reason. Who knows why. Hang in there a while longer.

  2. Hi Bonnie: You are so cute. You remind me of my best girl friend in high school. Great picture in your sidebar. Anyway I don't know how any of this works, I don't even know what BlogHer means? I don't know if I'm good or bad but I do know that when I started joining the linky parties I moved up a bit. And the more people you follow the more followers you will have, although not all will follow. Hope this helps a little bit. I know I certainly enjoy your blog although I am so far behind with everyone I follow and it's hard to catch up..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Hey girl. I agree about linky parties being a great way to meet others. I try to leave comments as often as possible when I visit people so that they will know I stopped by and get to know me and my blog as well.

    I hope you stick around!!!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm not sure I get the linking up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Thanks for the advice.
    I love your blogs!

  5. Bonnie, I am not for certain the stats are always correct. Personally, I write for the writing, the connecting and the communicating. I am always honored and humbled when someone comments and follows, however, I have never thought too much about my numbers.

  6. Hi Bonnie, I blog because I love the hunt for vintage finds, changing around my decor, and putting it out there for whoever might find it inspiring. I
    don't even keep track of my stats. I enjoy connecting with other likeminded wonderful people who share new ideas. I've found the best way to do that is visiting other blogs and leaving comments even though they may not visit my blog. Most eventually do, but not all.
    I am so glad to hear from you again since it's been awhile. Thought of you often and wondered how you were doing.
    Mary Alice


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