Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall in Nashville, TN

I'm getting excited!
My daughter, Christy and her husband, Troy are coming home.
Next weekend is the Kaolin Festival.
We're getting our booth ready.
I posted a few of  her wreaths.
Just a reminder of what she'll have to offer.
My daughter-in-law, Christina loves Fall.
It's her favorite time of year.
She starts decorating in September.
We were all so ready for cooler temps that
we started a little early this year.
They moved in July.
I can't wait to see their new home.
The walls are kinda paprika.
A great color to pull in the Fall decor!
I just love the door/table chalkboard.
They got it at the Nashville Flea Market for a steal!
The entry way and front porch is darling.
I'm not sure which door this hangs on,
but you can be sure that there is Fall in every corner.
I made the canvas pumpkins in the corner.
Christina did the FALL banner on the mantle.
Oh, oh. 
This little fellow likes FALL, too!
He just melts my heart!
We're going to Nashville on October 27!
This little man turns 1!!!
Can hardly wait!


  1. Oh I hope you have the best time in Nashville. We lived there for nine years and I would move back in a NY minute. It is one of my favorite places. Enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday to that sweet little fella. Have fun celebrating him!!!


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