Friday, October 5, 2012

Pottery Barn Look-alike

Today I walked into Geo.'s Quarters
and I was WOWED!
The crew has been working so hard for 9 weeks
and it is beyond beautiful.
The displays looked like Pottery Barn.
Last night they worked until 10:30 pm
and were ready to go at 8am this morning.
I am completely in awe of how this family
has worked so well together.
Working under such pressure and such long hours,
you'd think they'd be biting each other's heads off.
I have not heard one of them say an unkind
thing to each other.
Two more days of long hours,
and we open on Monday.
Maybe I'll get to show you another sneak peak tomorrow.


  1. good luck on Monday. Your display looks good.

  2. so much fun to recreate Pottery Barn..they make it really easy for those with some willingness


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