Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Color is Your Pumpkin?

I have seen the most amazing pumpkins of color this year-
or maybe some of them are squash.
I'm sure not an expect,
but I sure do love them!
Makes for more creativity!
This was made by Al Woods, owner of Warthen Lane Interiors,
our next door neighbor.
Notice how everything sparkles!
The great thing about art is that we can make it
whatever color we want.
Is this floral design eloquent or what?
I actually bought a real pumpkin this color from Walmart today.
But this design, you'll never find at Walmart!
Pumpkins and fruit made the perfect Fall arrangement.
This arrangement makes me feel warm and toasty.
Call it yellow, ivory, but it's a warm white.
You know how I love all the shades of white!
Love the ivory tiered tray with acorns.
What a simple, pretty display!
Sometimes it's the simple that makes the biggest splash.
Nothing says simple Fall eloquence like a pumpkin
and a galvanized bucket!
Candles and pumpkins were hiding behind lock and key.
For the traditional orange pumpkin lover,
here you go!
I smell pumpkin pie baking and apple cider brewing.
Can't you feel it in the air?
Happy Fall Ya'll,



  1. Oh Miss B...You pumpkins are all so lovely. I love ALL colors of Fall and the fact God has carpeted our world with such beauty amazes me. Outside of my home I have lots of Fall Colors. On the inside I switched to white about two years ago and I love it. I haven't gotten rid of anything...just painted it.

    How to keep paint from running? Use a chip brush (the cheap kind from Home Depot) and GO SLOW. I never have anything run unless I get in a big fatto hurry. :)

    Love you girl...

    Rebecca PS: Promise to write tomorrow. Steveo is OUT of town in that ARKANSAS STATE AGAIN....BAH! :(

  2. I envy all of you who have a real fall. It's still in the 90s here and our leaves do not turn. They just dry out and blow away, but I do love all the new pumpkin shades that I have seen this year. It's a nice change from just plain orange.

  3. Pretty items Bonnie. Must get there maybe this week. I am home.


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