Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm not a dog person, but I LOVE MY GRANDDOGS!

I've never been a dog-person.
When I have owned a dog, because my children as little ones insisted,
they were backyard-dogs, or eat-the-neighbor's-shoes dogs, or
turn-over-the-neighbor's trash-can dogs, or dig-deep-holes-in-the-yard dogs.
My husband called them "garbage-eating-yard-dogs."
All of which made me verrrry unhappy.
I could never train a dog to stay inside.
I could never handle pee and poop on my floor
or hair all over the furniture and my black pants.
I always wear black!
However, in spite of myself
I have become quite attached to my GRAND-dogs!
Allow me to introduce you...
Our First GRANDdog, Bennie
We came to love Bennie as a just a pup.
Bennie is a a Sheltie and looks more like a little Lassie.
He is the first dog that we have EVER let in our house.
He pooped and peed and ate toilet paper and dirty underwear
and still we loved him.
NEVER, NEVER would we have allowed that with our little canines.
But like grandchildren, GRANDdogs can do no wrong.
Bennie is very protective of Connor, but he's a bit jealous too.
Bennie always like to play throw and catch.
In this photo, we were playing keep away, I guess.
I'd put the toys around Connor, and Bennie would pull them toward me with his paw.
He's still the King of His Castle
But the two have become best friends.
My daughter and SIL rescued this little pup from the pound.
His name is Charlie.
Charlie is part shiatsu.
I can't imagine who would want to let go of such a precious baby.
Our first introduction to Charlie was on a stormy weekend in Spring.
Charlie is keeping his mommy safe while waiting out the tornado warnings.
Char-Bee is already for Halloween.
This little bundle of fur has nEVER messed up BonBon's floor,
but when the mommy and daddy are away, the mischievious one will play.
He was so excited to see us this weekend that he pee peed on the floor.
He's an indoor dog by all means, BUT HE waited for an open door and took a stroll this weekend-ALONE!
He thought it was a GAME.
It was terrrrifying!
We'd throw him a bone.
He'd act like he was going to retrieve it-
only to run away again and this time a little further.
I was a basketcase!
The treats did it.
Christy and Troy got a chance this weekend
to babysit a precious little girl.
Charlie and Emma enjoyed each other.
We know one day he'll make a great big brother.


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