Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Gas Can

Sooooo exhausted from my REAL job.
My hubby has taken the checkbook.
After a year off-the first time off in 25 years-
he says it's time for me to go back to work.
I wish I could stay home and get paid.
My little shop just ain't makin' it these days.
I owe, I owe, so back to work I go.
So sad to see the little shops closing ALL OVER.
We're not closing, but I can't make it on $5 hour and $100 a month.
I love being around all the pretties,
I really do,
but I sure do miss my shabbies, crusties, and rusties.
I have a photo of an old gas can that I recently bought for $2.
Have no idea what to do with it!
Remember this?
When I was a kid, my daddy had a push lawn trimmer, or
I just know it didn't have a motor and it was an easy thing
to push.
Then we graduated to a motor mower.
It wasn't like the small ones we have today.
It was INDUSTRIAL sized.
Daddy's other job was maintenance supervisor of the housing projects.
He was able to borrow the BIG mower.
Fun, fun!
(Can you hear the sarcasm???)
My brother went to work at bagging groceries for the local grocery and meat market.
Guess who had to cut grass?
(Do they call it "cutting grass" anywhere else?)
Yelp, me!
(Do I sound resentful?)
One day I was so mad, I pitched me one of my conniption fits.
That's a man's job, right???
I jumped up at down, stomped my feet,
and landed on the edge of the thingy that sticks out
on top to keep the blade from cutting off body parts.
The thingy that's supposed to keep you from getting cut,
cut my heel and I got a spanking anyway.
But I didn't have to cut grass.
Hated cutting grass then.
Hate it now.
I vowed if I ever got married that my man would cut the grass.
He does.  WOO! HOO!
So, don't ask me why I'm fascinated by this old rusty can?
See the big daisy on top?
Someone must have thought it'd make a girl want to cut grass.
Just like the can:)
Have fun junkin', girls,
while I get back to the pretties.
I'll miss it!
P.S.  You can take the girl out of the junk, but you can't take the junk out of the girl!
See ya around!

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