Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In-a-Box-Under-the-Table Finds

This was my third day on the job.
Whew!  I'm feeling it!
My brains says I'm 32,
but my body agrees I'm 52.
Can I get a witness in the house???
 I really don't get paid to plunder, I promise.
My body tells me I'm truly working.
I went in early yesterday to shop.
Now you know how we pickers are,
we find the best finds
in a box
under the table.
That's exactly where I found these TAG round turquoise place mats,
Regular Price $8
Sale Price $3
There were only two left.
I can make it work!
Digging a little deeper in the box, I found these TAG gold place mats.
I kinda like it that they were not all the same.
Regular Price $8
Sale Price $2
The appetizer plates on my old ironstone made the colors pop!
TAG plates
Regular Price $10
Sale Price $3
I'm such a yard sale/flea market nut that I rarely pay more
than $1 for a plate, but these I couldn't resist!
With the candle my niece and nephew gave me for my birthday
and my aqua Ball jars, everything looked very inviting-
even if the menu was
a Big Mac and fries.
I spent $50 for items found in a box under a table.
My total savings was $150.
The above items were for me.
The others were Christmas!
Great finds, Great deals!


  1. Love the turquoise placemats. You did great digging under the table.

  2. You are plundering up a storm Bonnie. I actually spent some big bucks this week. Sometimes it happens:{


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