Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Road

At this point in my life
I have no idea where I am going. 

My feet are taking me one step at a time,
well on some days, anyway.
Other days I'm anxiously walking
running ahead.

On our way from HHI to Savannah, 
Mr. H took a "road less traveled." 

We were looking for 17.
There was no road sign that said "17."

There was a 170 and a 345,
roads obviously under construction.

Does anyone know that you can't always
rely on GPS or Mapquest???

The sign read, "Savannah," so we HE took it.

The uncharted route took us through 
back roads with uprooted trees
and a marshy stench.

Mr. H said, 
"Looks like they are making a new road."


A New Road???

No road signs, hoping that the road 
would lead to our destination, 
we continued on.

In my quiet heart I heard, 
"I know you don't know what your next step is.
I know that you don't know how to be still.
I know that, without my guidance, 
you may choose to run ahead of me
into a mission that misses me."
(I write that BIG because I heard it BIG!)

So what will I do?

After Peter failed God miserably, 
he went back to fishing.
However, when he realized that Jesus 
was there, he immediately threw himself in the water.

In John 2:17, "throw" means to give over to one's care
uncertain of the results.

Angie Smith in "Mended,"
"His desire is for you to throw yourself into the water 
as Peter did.
Leave your nets (your own ideas of what ministry may look like to you,
surrender your dreams, your desires, and what you think your life should look like now)
and run where He calls you.
In that place, you will be healed, 
and when you have been, I daresay you will have a story that is begging to be told."
(my personal thoughts in parentheses)

Needless to say, 
we arrived to our destination
in less time than we had anticipated.

The New Road?

My driver was not the least bit
afraid of where we would end up.
He knew our destination.
(My husband knew that I had been journaling all week.
"He said did you get that down?")

The Holy Spirit, Our DRIVER,
knows exactly the road that we should take.
We must trust Him when He takes us on
an unfamiliar path.

Sometimes He may take us down

Still my anxious heart, Lord Jesus
I'm learning to trust you
with the NEW!

or should I say YIKES!

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  1. A new road...maybe a fresh road? Or...maybe one less traveled and only graced by a chosen few.

    Just remember no matter what road you are on Jesus walked that way before...

    Love you friend. Your post was more than beautiful. Thought provoking.

    Love, Rebecca PS: Miss you.


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