Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Broken Pottery

Most of us, 
vintage-loving addicts
are quite fond of 
our collections
even those with a 
few chips and cracks.

A few days ago, 
I decided to deliberately
break one of my ironstone pitchers.

It's really a creamer 
and I had one exactly like it
minus the chipped lip
thus making it easier to part with.

I put it in a plastic bag
and slammed it against my brick wall.
(I must confess it felt rather releasing)

With one big, SLAM,
the piece shattered
into more pieces than 
you can see.

My goal is to put it back together again.

It won't be easy.
The shards of glass, more than I could gather, 
were sharp and not painless.

There will be cracks and open holes
in my mended pitcher.

Sounds kinda like our lives, 
broken and mended 
by The Potter.

Angie Smith writes, 
"The Lord said to me, 'If it weren't for the cracks,
I wouldn't seep out the way I do'."

God loves the gaps because there is the potential
for more of Himself to be revealed in us.

It's never too late for Him to take 
the broken pieces of our lives
and create something beautiful-
cracks and all.

Which teapot do I like the best?

Yes, the discolored one
with the crack in the lid.

He's Still Working on Me...
(to be continued)



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