Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pedal Sewing Machine Remake and a Porch Rocker

I've seen so many of you guys
make something out of nothing.

I wish I had your talent.

I've sold several old, dilapidated
pedal sewing machines
which were made into beautiful
pieces of furniture.

I'm not crazy about the granite-topped 
but this....


The slats are perfectly distressed 
for the look that I love.

And green/blue is fast becoming one of my favorites.

You just can't get this natural patina
with a gallon of paint!

(Hey!  I can relate to the pillow:) 
Who said, "Normal is the setting on a dryer?")

We really are a nice, normal family.

Let's face is
Every family is somewhat dysfunctional-
even the preacher's family!

Hope you had a great Sunday
and what I call
a Nazarene Nap.

The weather was perfect for it!



  1. Lauren and I were there while I was home. I saw a piece of blue furniture I liked. Of course, I wasn't considering buying it but just commented on how much I liked it. It had a sold sign on it, then I saw "Bonnie Hitchcock written on it. :) Made me laugh. Great minds...

  2. Oh, that beautiful blue-green patina is so delightful. I love the slatted top. I am now a follower!

    Distressed Donna Down Home


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