Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nashville Flea Finds

Half-way Stop-for-the-Night, $90
Fuel, $150
Food, No telling!

Precious Time 
with my babies 
and a trip 
to the Nasvhille Flea Market, 

Don't you just wish every weekend 
was a 3-day weekend?

We had exhausted all our precious
time enjoying each other 
and as always, 

We missed our annual


But we made up for it 
with lots of quality time.

The trip included
The Nasvhille Flea Market.

The booths with color 

Haven't see this before.
I know, where have I been???

This, too, was a different table to my liking. 

I walked around and around this booth
picking up every frame
in every color.

I just couldn't pay $30.
I'll find me some wood
and buy me some clothespins, 
a can of spray paint
and go to town!

I did get a soda crate.
Not one of the slots were missing-
perfect for holding desk items 
or displaying my small milk glass vases.

I heart PINK and old doors!
Wish my pink room was bigger.
Just not enough space in my little 1000 sq ft home
for all my loves!

I so need an old farmhouse!

Just can't enough of that chippy, patina!

But the cutest find of the day
was right close to my heart...

Can't put a price tag on this one!

My Cup Runneth Over, 


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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Oh, that precious baby - you're right - PRICELESS!!



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