Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shabby and Chippy/ Rusty and Crusty Flea Finds

Our church is having a YARD SALE Saturday.

Wish you all could come.

I'm selling the remaining JuNk from my booth.

Took a look around today and was so sad.

I hope one day to have a place of my own.

For now, I'll enjoy my few pickin's 
from you.

The following photos were from
The Nashville Flea Market:

The rusty, crusty, clock was fabulous.
I think it would look great anywhere, 
even on a fence in the garden.

Windows are favorite finds of mine.
I love the various sizes and styles. 

I'm supposing this is a garden gate.
Any ideas on how this could be used?

The sheets of tin were in various textures and color,
crusty and rusty.
I thought I had gotten a photo of the the pink.
They would make beautiful wall art.

Just in a junkin' funk.
Sure hope I get my mojo back soon!

Happy Hunting, 


  1. Surely the photos of these rusty, crusty gems will get you out of the junk funk. Those garden gates are fabulous. I can see them hanging down my stairwell. We have been to Nashville a few times for football games at Vandy, but never got to go to the flea market. (Which in my mind is the only reason to travel :>))

  2. I wish I COULD attend that sale. What fun-LOVE those garden gates-= xo Diana

  3. Hi Bonnie. All that stuff is wonderful. Do a little more junking and you should be right as rain..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. I like those sheets of ceiling tins

    I am starved for a good flea market or yard sale LOL


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