Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blink: I Almost Missed the Sunset

It's been a good week...
a week of sun, wind and waves. 

A time to pause and refresh and reflect.

I listened to my favorite music,
read from my favorite authors,
stood in awe at the magnificent handiwork of God 
and His creation
and I asked Him to speak to me.

Mr. H and I were able to enjoy 
a dinner cruise on The Spirit of Harbor Town
at Hilton Head Island.

This was big time for me!

The closest this GA girl has been to a cruise 
is my daddy's fishing boat.

I'm a little hard of hearing, 
ok, a lot of a hard of hearing,
and I barely heard the captain 
"Look to the right and you'll see the sun set."
We'll, it was my left and over my shoulder.
(You know Mr. H doesn't like his back to anything.
Is that a man thang?)

Turned around to see this.

A blink...
it was this.

Another blink...
it was gone.

I have been reading and reading again
the book, 
Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole.

This book spoke volumes to me this week
during my quiet moments of reflection.

I found the most simple and yet profound
thoughts in the chapter, "Blink."

Have you ever tried to get the perfect shot
of your child, 
the perfect expression, 
the perfect moment
and click...
 the shutter was too slow
and you missed it...

Blink and it was gone.

There are blink moments in life.
Never underestimate the power of a blink.

I thought back to some of my blink moments...

A baby brother who loves his big sister, trusts her completely,
says one Sunday afternoon, 
"Will you play with me?"
A screech, a "What was that?"
"He's gone."
Three friends sitting in a locker room 
"Try a Little Kindness"
Daddy prays, mama laughs, we all laugh
Daddy keeps on praying, 
A baby, "It's a girl."
Peaches and cream and a love like no other.
"It's a boy!"
"Oh no, we've got a bleeder!"
A little boy playing with the big guys, 
rounds third and slides home, SAFE!
A five year old girl says, 
"Mommy can I invite Jesus into my heart?"
A thirteen year old boy listens intently
at a GA Youth Camp and with tears flowing
down his face says, 
"Mama, do you think he's talking to me."
A six year old sings, "I Choose to be Happy."
Fast forward 13 years, she stands before thousands
and sings, "Holy is the Lord."
Memorial Day and I can't get there fast enough
More blinks...
Daddy's eyes close in death...
My baby boy holds up his baby boy with tears 
streaming down his face saying
through the window, 
"He looks just like me!"
Mama's pain gone.....
 But after 3 years,
I can't blink away the pain...

A week with my husband, 
sweet hugs, 
and back rubs.

Angie Smith said, 
"There are many, many pictures I want to rip up 
and hide...maybe you do too.
But that shouldn't consume me.  
Rather, I want to focus on the beauty of this gift
that the Lord has given.
It is the gift of this breath, this moment, this photograph.
Not one of these-not one-is missed by His eyes.
We don't skate out of view and hope He
catches up with us down the road.
He is ever present in every single breath,
and while I don't understand the mechanics
of how it is possible, I can say that I am 
grateful for this spectacular love."

One more blink
and I may have missed the sunset...

Take a few moments to write down your "Blink" moments.

Angie asks that we meditate on the fact that 
the Lord has been with us through every one, 
and there is nothing that He can't redeem for His glory.

I must believe that!

Don't Miss the Sunset!


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  1. Bonnie, that is a beautiful post and so true of all the 'little' things in our lives. A lifetime can go by in a blink, but if we really think about it, it doesn't have to, sieze the moment, as they say..Happy Mother's Day..Judy


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