Monday, May 13, 2013

Love Inconceivable

Mother's Day weekend-
without mama or my children-

Seeing her smile,
makes me smile.

Seeing her world turned upside down,
turns mine upside down.

Seeing him succeed at something 
he absolutely loves,
makes me swell with pride.

Nothing compares to that kind of love.
Been thinking about the way I love them-

-no strings attached
-no matter what they do
-no matter who they become
-no matter the path they choose

I would do absolutely nothing to harm them.
I would be sad if I knew
that there was the least bit of mistrust
in that love.

It is hard for me to fathom that God loves
us (His children) more than the love
I have for mine.

And yet many times, 
I doubt that love, 
and in fear, withhold my trust.

Oh, God teach me that you love me,
more than I love my children.

Such knowledge is more than I can conceive.

And as our family grows,

So does that love.

Such love is inconceivable!


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