Saturday, May 18, 2013

Burlap Adds a Touch of Flair

Vacation Bible School crafts
bulletin board covers 
were about the only uses for burlap
in my younger days.

Burlap squares were often
cut from feed sacks.

I can remember 
sack races out of burlap.
Oh the itch!

Now, you find new items 
already crafted with burlap
and made to look old
old items made to look new.

This small armoire from The Exchange
in Dublin, GA
was without a mirror 
and covered with burlap.
What a great idea!

Metal bird knobs made it a favorite for me!

Just enough distressing to add to its charm.

The vendor of this booth handmade the lamp shade
from burlap and the rosette added a bit of flair.

Colored burlap adds a pop to most anything!

Love, love, love the blue rosette
adorned with a pretty button.

I truly wish I had not passed on the chest.
Maybe it will be there on my next visit:)

Here's Hoping, 


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