Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lessons Learned from a Kitty

I have a new sweet "love,"
a baby kitten.

Her name is Callie Anne.

My heart longs for Nashville.
I have such a desire to be near by babies,

to watch my grandchildren grow up,

to be there for my baby girl 
when she needs a shoulder to cry one,

to listen as my baby boy shares
the daily adventures of being a daddy.

My heart aches for that.

Knowing my emptiness,
Mr. H agreed to let
a baby come to live with us-
thus our newest member of the family,

Callie is a mix of calico and tabby-
more cali than tabs.

She's busy and a bit mischievous
and not very trusting yet.

I think there's a message in here somewhere.
I'm listening.

Callie misses her mommy.
She really wants someone to love her,
but she's not yet sure.

When she cries I know 
she is lost and lonely

I reach out with a gentle hand
and she's gone in a flash.

I speak ever so softly 
and she backs into a corner.

It's in that corner that I 
hem her in.

Her back to the wall, 
her mommy in front.

Sounds like how I am with God sometimes. 

He longs to show me that I can trust Him
and yet, I'm afraid.

I go from fear to faith.
I want God to wrap His love around me.
I cry for it.
I ache for it.
And yet, can I trust Him???

"There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear,
because fear has to do with punishment."
1John 4:18

So, like Callie, God sometimes has to hem me in
to prove His love for me-
even when His doing so makes me uncomfortable.

My favorite chapter in the Bible is
Psalm 139, 
"You have hedged me in 
behind and before,
And laid your hand upon me." v.5

Who wants to be hedged in?

Upon further study I learned  
to be hedged in, hemmed in
really means to have God on one side
and God on the other,
between His grace and love.

"Such knowledge is to wonderful for me to attain." v.6

Hemmed in, 
Callie found love
and she rested in that love.

What she had ran from and hidden from
and cried for, 
found her.

Isn't that just like God?
He finds us?

She snuggled with me, 
purred for 30 minutes or more,
licked me,
and finally fell asleep
in the safest place, 
her mommy's arms. 

I read this week that there is something very therapeutic
about a kitten's purr.

I'm feeling much better
and Callie is feeling more and more at home.

Next week, is vacation.
Time to bask in the sun, 
hear the crash of the waves,
 feel the breeze.

It's here that I am most able to feel my Father's love.

See ya soon!


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  2. Yay you got a furry and sweet bundle of love. She is darling Bonnie. CC and I are getting a kitten this month. We miss Clovis.


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