Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pump It UP

I'm so embarrassed by how my last post looked.

It was posted from my Iphone and Instagram. 
The boys were busy and my photography skills
are poor so the photos were blurry.

Please humor me as I share the weekend. 

The birthday boy's party was at Pump It Up.
I don't know that I have ever seen a group 
of little boys play so hard and get along so well.

The slides were huge and fast, 
but it didn't seem to bother the little ones. 

Bonbon and Maymay
went down the slide too. 
My hip is still sore.  

After about an hour of play,
the boys were ready to chow down.

I've been to some parties where the birthday boy 
tears open the presents without as much as 
a thought for each gift. 
Connor was so precious.  He took the time to inspect each
one and offer a thank-you.

Thank God, for parents who still teach manners. 

We were able to enjoy Cora Joy
while the other little ones played.

Grandma, Connor and Cora's GREAT GRAND is 83 years old.
She was the oldest kid there 
and got lots of love and attention from her little ones. 

Sunday morning we all enjoyed a little time 
together before heading home.

These babies hold my heart in their hands. 

I am still pumped!



  1. It's a great place for a party. I have been to one at ours here. Adorable little grands you have. They sure melt a grammy's heart.

  2. There's nothing like time with the grandkids to cheer us grandparents up! Ours are coming next month for Thanksgiving week and we can hardly wait! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time celebrating...and bless the parents who teach manners and live them out!

  3. It looks like a wonderful party, made better by a polite birthday boy!

  4. Oh I know you ARE still pumped! A visit with those sweeties does a heart good for us grandparents:) Love seeing all of those precious pictures dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Oh what fun! And what a brave girl you were to go down that slide, Bonnie...I'm so proud of you...lol!

  6. I remember my youngest son going to a birthday party at that place here! It was fun. That's a great place for a birthday party.

  7. Bonnie, It looked like a fun time. All that energy. :):) So glad they have manners. I was always happy about my oldest granddaughter for that. She thanked everyone and just acted like it was just what she wanted..so funny. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  8. How adorable, you were a brave little girl going down the slide.Wheeee!!! Blessings Francine.

  9. They are totally adorable! Connor is a perfect little gentleman and yay for parents that still teach manners like you said. I know you had a wonderful visit ~ lots of wonderful memories!


  10. It looks as though everyone had a very happy time indeed. xx

  11. Oh how fun and precious these photos are!


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