Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Festival: We Let the Sonshine IN!

The last fall festival I attended 
was when my children were at 
Elder Primary and Sandersville Elementary Schools.

I remembered tonight how it felt to be a kid again. 

Yes, that's me with the big mouth.

Someone said, "Where's your nose?"
I realized she thought I was a witch.
LOL!  "Not tonight, Sweetie."

I always wanted to be a hippie.
Don't laugh.  Seriously.
I just couldn't and be a preacher's kid.
I had the fear of God and my daddy.

I was a child of the 60's and a teen of the 70's.
When I was 12, I attended my first boy/girl hayride.
I dressed up as a flower child
with blue eye shadow, white lip gloss, 
beads, maxi and flip flops. 
I already had the straight, blond hair down my back.

When I was in the 5th grade, I wore a maxi dress to school.
It was blue with yellow flowers and a yellow ribbon tied in the back
from the empire waistline.
 A boy stepped on the hem and it ripped down the front.

 The teacher said, "Well, you knew better than to wear 
that to school." I never did like that teacher.

I wore clogs and flip flops, smocks and scooter skirts, 
maxi and mini dresses.
I listened to good music on 45's and LP albums,
8 Tracks and cassettes.
I had the best of both worlds.

Shoot, tonight we had it all too!
The cool girl playing the guitar and singing, 
"Leaving on a Jet Plane,"
feeling the love and offering peace.

I'm wondering, 
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone."

she's high on JESUS!
He's the only real PEACE!

Grace snatched the cool decor from her bedroom. 
Beth brought the incense and the music 
and we "Let the SONshine in."

It was GROOVY!

Feeling the Love, 


More festival photos to follow.  


  1. Toooooo sweet Bonnie. Love you as a flower child. Too fun. Happy Halloween.

  2. Oh, how fun, Bonnie. I am glad you finally got to BE a Flower child-even if just for one night- xo Diana

  3. Loved this post! You got to be a flower child after all! Yay!

  4. What fun! You make a great flower child. :)

  5. Fun times and memories! Love those groovy pics! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. I love it! You look adorable! I WAS a hippie in the 70's...well, kinda...I tried. Everything you mentioned (and more) I did too...we won't go THERE! I also had a suede vest with L-O-N-G fringes down to my knees...remember those? Ah...yes...the maxi dress and smock tops too, patched blue jeans and those horrible WIDE palazzo pants!! I had it all, girl! My sisters and I used to sing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" in 3 part! Looks like this was a blast!

  7. You are a very cool Flower Child! So fun!

  8. Bonnie, That is so cute. I love the song too. Sorry about your maxi experience. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. I had a sweet chuckle over all the memories! Flower Power I say!
    xo Roxy

  10. OMGosh LOL

    what fun memories
    I never wanted to be a flower child or hippie LOL

    I knew people who were (from church)and they were all smoking pot and I stayed clear LOL

  11. I don't think that you looked like a witch at all! You made a great hippy though. xx

  12. This was too cute! I started a new blog, Mildred


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