Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Lure of the Label"

When my nest became empty, 
I had to fill it with something. 
My present-day fill, 

It is often at an auction that I get
the best deals on
crates and wooden boxes.

My daddy's first cousin lived 
in Florida so we got a cardboard box 
or a nylon bag of oranges for Christmas every year-
no wooden box in my day.

In antique stores and flea markets.
a crate like this may sell in range from $35-$50.

Wooden crates are collected now and are often 
found in sheds, under junk, under the house, 
in storage or in the attic.

Dusted off they are used as bedside tables, 
book cases, toy chests, storage and 
of course, displays in antique stores, 
booths and flea markets. 

I recently read an article entitled, 
"The Lure of the Label."

In early years, fruits and vegetables 
were shipped in large quantities by railroad.
Labels with colorful art
attracted buyers and boosted growth.

Around 1955, the wooden box
was replaced with cardboard.

Nothing can replace the character of aged-old wood, 
loose nails and water stains

unless it's the natural wood grain and holes or the label.

Now crates are produced in mass production
and sold in home good stores and 
leading retail craft stores.

Will have fun using my crate 
for display this weekend.
This is the time of year 
to get busy in the booth. 

Have a Happy Week, 


Sorry that I've been absent these days. 
I've been burning up 1-20, I-75. amd I-24.


  1. I love those wooden crates, and you got a good one. I'm not sure where I would put one, but I'd sure like to try.

  2. I love junk..too
    Anything old and ugly my daughter laughingly says.
    Hope your feeling better.
    Woolie Hugs & Prayers

  3. Morning Bonnie, oh I love this, never enough old boxes, in every size too. Blessings Francine.

  4. Hello Bonnie, I agree about the charm and the warmth that comes from those old wooden boxes! And the stories they could tell! Have a wonderful time with the booths (Yours and shopping at others)
    Enjoy this season my friend!
    Love, Roxy

  5. I have always loved these old many uses and so much character!

  6. I so enjoy stopping in here to see what you are up to, Bonnie!

    My husband grew up in orchard territory (apple and peaches)and so I understand the thrill of finding the wooden boxes. They have so many uses!

  7. I love crates, too...that dresser idea is so cool!

  8. Just stopping by for a few minutes...I love crates husband has many...what great ideas. Blessings

  9. I love old boxes too..they are so interesting

  10. I hope that you have fun finding lots of uses for your crate. Drive safely won't you. xx

  11. I love old crates and use several of them in my booth at shows.

  12. Oh Bonnie, I love my crates/ boxes!! I just sent you an email with pictures of some I'm using. Gotta love old stuff :)

  13. Interesting! It's amazing that they cost so much but of course they are a rarity.


  14. Be careful on those roads! You know how much I love a good crate post!

  15. I love old wooden crates. I buy them and think I will keep them, but then they sell and so I buy more, and so on and so on. :)


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