Monday, October 13, 2014

Junk from the Trunk

I went to stash my trash  treasures
in the trunk on Saturday.

A gentleman said,
 "I don't think you can get the table in there."

I said, 
"I can get the table in there!"

A junker knows how many loads
the old junk trunk can hold.

This was my favorite purchase of the day.
A small metal file drawer.  
It was the first thing I spotted in Donna's booth.

This was my second favorite find. 
Take a look inside...

Great wooden box painted white and made pretty with Mod Podge.


These old pieces will be transformed soon.
I'm thinking chalk paint and chalkboard paint.

Since my booth is primarily filled with white,
I may just clean these up and sell as is
just to have some contrast.
They are in great shape.

The blocks were in a quarter bin.
I asked if I could have all four for 25 cents.

Santa mugs among Autumn leaves. 
Yes, soon it will be Christmas Day. 

I only do SMALL pieces of furniture. 

I love the vintage clothespins. 
The other sewing notions were some of the FREEBIES!

A white cotton table runner and 
white wrought iron candle holder
that I'll use as a towel rack.  

Transformations to follow.


Mr. H hates my junk. 
He said, "I am not Sanford and my son lives in Nashville."


  1. Oh how I'm lovin' your favorite find. That box is gorgeous and I know exactly what I'd use it for. LOL

  2. Oh that's soooo funny... What your hubby said :) love your finds and will love seeing your vision of them!

  3. Great finds all the way around. I like that little phone stand. So cute! xo Diana

  4. I have to disagree with Mr H. Love your finds!

  5. What great finds. Yes, we junkers know just how much we can fit into our cars. I amaze people with some of the things I fit in :)
    xo Laura

  6. Poor Mr. H - my hubby is happy you took my freebies to your house! Have fun upcycling them. I love the table.

  7. Mr H is a funny {sassy} man!
    I love your treasures….and seeing the wooden blocks made my heart happy!!

  8. Gosh, you have lots to keep you busy there don't you! So funny about the things not fitting in your car! xx


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