Friday, October 10, 2014

Something Bear-y Scary?

I went in one little shop last weekend, something-bears.  
Bears and the mountains must go together.  
They were everywhere-decor, not the real thing.

The owner of the cabin where we stayed said 
that bears enjoyed visitors at this place.
Well, they were not invited!

I'm sorry, but I'm not into bears or scary.

I bought this little guy.
This is as close as I get to scary.

This black thing was seen in our neck of the woods 
a few months ago. 

Here he was a few weeks ago or one like him. 

This and rattlesnakes is why I don't do the woods.

I heard that someone recently found a rattlesnake 
in their home.  The kids heard the rattlers.  
Thank God, my roof is fixed.

It's festival time here in Kaolin-country
and Homecoming tonight.
Everyone comes home, and I'm just not in the mood.

So, I'm skipping the parade and festivities 
and I'm going pickin' tomorrow. 

I've got a trail mapped out
and I'm going to to Distressed Donna's Down Home place. 
I know the general direction, but that's all.

always finds the best deals.

You've seen one Kaolin Festival, 
you've seen 'em all. 
It's not the same without my children anyway. 

Have any of you been face to face with a bear?
Not me, never have been, never want to be!

Happy Weekend, 



  1. I love stuffed bears, not sure why, but I do. Now to come into close contact, I would run for the hills. Even worse a snake. Hate them.

  2. I'll take bears and snakes from the safety of the zoo glass!

  3. Bears? Oh my...
    We have some in the woods behind our house...
    Those and coyotes too. Ugh.
    Anyway, have a cozy weekend, my friend. : )

  4. Bears here son was on a youth trip to Gatlinburg he took a picture of a bear crossing the street,with people starring and watching! He said it was the most amazing thing he ever saw! (kids!!!)--Have fun tomorrow..thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  5. Yikes! Never seen a bear or a rattlesnake, and that's ok with me!

  6. Oh man.. I can't imagine seeing a bear outside of my house! Yikes. Hope that you have a great weekend.

  7. Morning, wow!!!!! Bear sightings, nice but not to sure of the snake, yikes.Blessings Francine.

  8. Wow! That would be scary to be outside while that bear is roaming around. And don't even get me started on my fear of snakes! I would FREAK OUT if I saw a snake inside my house. Outside is bad enough! Hope you have a good time "pickin". Don't get lost getting there either!

  9. Well, running into a bear would be scary. We have come across rattlesnakes. Lots to contend with living in the woods or countryside.

  10. When I was a kid and we were in the woods my cousins and I saw one that was about 200 yards away. He was foraging so we very quietly backed away and jumped in the jeep and went home scared to death. lol xo Diana

  11. I was so surprised when you showed up today. I really enjoyed meeting you in person. You did have the general direction right! Yes, I have been face-t0-face with a black bear. I hope you had fun picking today.

  12. I'm not into scary, cute, but not scary! I am into bears, teddy bears! Not real live ones though, just the sort you can cuddle!! xx


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