Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback and Fun Friday

Yes, that's me on the right, 

a flower child of the 70's.
That's the blue and white dress!
circa 1970

Some of my favorite characters
in real life and fiction:

Pippi Lockstocking
Please pray for Melana.
She's having some health problems
and they are still doing tests. 

Spider Man 

Snow White

There were so many princesses, 
and these were two of my favorites.

Cat Woman?
Is she not the puuuuur-fect kitty!

Ariel, my favorite
 Disney princess!

This is when Halloween is fun!


These are characters anyway,
with or without costume.

Scary! Creepy!

See, I told you!

There was even a guy with dreads walking around.

Fun Friday!


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