Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What I Did For Love

The WCHS Theatre Musical Review
was phenomenal.

50 alumni+present students brought down the house.

This was the team from 1997-2001.

They were like, 
"Do you realize they are calling us 'old'."

What's the old Clairol commercial, 
"I'm not getting older, 
I'm getting better."

That would be this group!

One of the leading actresses in Christy's group
was unable to make the rehearsals
but was able to see the show.
It was like a high school reunion for this group.

These three were in Dames at Sea.
The musical was an off-Broadway show
and they performed it at Literary One Act. 

Of course, Christy is still my favorite singer and actress.

The musical review featured her in 
"Summer Nights" and "Hopelessly Devoted" from Grease,
"What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line, 
"Til There was You" from The Music Man.

I know the obstacles she's had to overcome
even in the weeks of rehearsals, 
physical challenges that she doesn't share.

I know the years that there was no song
in her heart as she waited.

I cried when she sang, "What I Did for Love,"
because I know what she did this weekend was for love. 
There is once again a song in her heart. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

A GA Weekend Beside a Pond

My home away from home this weekend.

We are staying at our friends' cabin on a pond in a sweet spot in Georgia.

The breeze is blowing nicely after a day of rain and I got a "peaceful, easy feeling."

I'm still sick physically but feeling much better in mind and spirit.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Too Much Alone Time

This mess is kicking my butt! Can I be real with you...again?  I'm kinda in a slump right now and really need your prayers. Being sick can give you the mully grubbs and that's what I've got! 

I took the pumpkins out of the pail and put them in the bird cage.

I like.

I think I'm tired from burning up the road to GA. It will be worth it when we see the Big Production,
This is the Show from 1999.

This was the review.
This was Christy's first high school production and she played Sandy. 

Thanks for your sweet prayers. Just feeling lonely. Christy said the other day "introverts get their energy from being alone and extroverts get their energy from being around people." True! I am an extrovert and having too much alone time.

Hanging in Here!

A New Mug and a Bug

So this is what happens when you don't know whether you are coming or going. This weekend will be my third trip to GA in a month. 

I now have a stuffy head, runny nose, cough, fever, aches and pains.

Oh yeah, and laryngitis. I used to get this every fall. My doctor called it laryngeo-trachea-bronchitis. 

So I'll be reading your posts, a book and drinking lots of hot coffee,

Out of a new Fall mug in between lots of napping.

Happy Fall Ya'll

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Bucket of Fall

Just a bucket of Fall to leave with you.

Remember the big yard sale?

A rusty bucket

filled with $1 pumpkins,

makes a cute centerpiece.

I'm headed home again...

The present-day Danny and Sandy
from the original 1999 WCHS Grease Debut.
(taken last weekend)

so my baby girl can rehearse for the Big Show next weekend.

Have a Great Weekend!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unearth Those Dreams

When I hit the rank of Director with Nerium, 
the company sent me a little book
by John C. Maxwell,
DREAM:  See It and Seize It.

I think I shared some of it with you.
I read about 10 pages and it got lost in the clutter.

Sometimes our dreams are like that. 
Life happens and our dreams are pushed aside
and covered up, temporary lost.

When I first became a Brand Partner with Nerium, 
I made a digital dream board.
Somehow it got erased in the move, 
yes, even erased from my thinking. 

I unearthed the book. 
I created a new, hands-on dream board. 
(That's the way I work!  Gotta do it, to get it!)

"A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible."

"Choosing to LEAD your life and not just accepting it
is critical to owning your dream."

"Dwell in possibility."

"Only those who see their dreams are able to seize their dreams."

"Having a clear dream makes a general idea very specific."

Some of my dreams, 

1.  Financial Freedom to make life better for my family and others, 
able to support causes, sponsor kids, 
fund an adult day care, give above and beyond,
Able to give to anyone whenever a need arises. 
Help pay off my son's PA school loans.
Pay back my daughter's savings for money spent on IVF and medical procedures.

2.  Work and travel with my friends and family.
My ideal team would include my closest friends and family.
Leading a team to make people better.

3. A beach cottage.

4.  A all expense trip to Disney with the family.
Paid babysitters to come along when the kids get tired.
The biggest and best resort at Disney.
A day at the spa with the girls.

5.  Retire David so that he can golf when and where he wants. 

6.  Money for a weekly visit to the spa, 
massage, manicure, pedicure, facial. 
Hair professionally done without 
worry about the money

7.  Win and drive the Lexus.
(Oh, yeah, that's at the top.)

BIG, huh?

"If your dream is too simple and easy to accomplish, 
it's not BIG enough."

Quotes by John C. Maxwell

What's under the clutter?
Unearth it.

Dream BIG,


Monday, September 14, 2015

Brown Bottles, A Fall Morning, and Life Events

What an incredibly cool, FALL, 73 degrees morning.

About to light the Yankee Harvest Candle
that the kids gave me for my birthday.

The pumpkin was a $1 Dollar Tree find.

I found the small brown bottle and jar
at the big yard sale for 25 cents each. 
Yeah, baby!

I think I paid $1 for the larger one.

I am one emotional creature this morning. 

It was a great weekend with so many life events.

Christy and friends had a ball.
Rehearsing for the big show was a blast.
The freshmen in theatre now were not even born
when she performed in high school. 
My nephew, Sam, light tech for the show,
was born when Christy was a Senior.

It was a big day for baby girl.

She traveled well.

And got to know several of her cousins. 

In between here and there, I watched Nerium LiveStream.
Several of my friends were recognized on stage.
It was hype, hype, hype!
And now I am dragging.

A benefit concert was held for Emerald
and I was not able to be there. 
I am doing a FB auction. 
If you would like to bid on Nerium Firm Body Contour Cream, 
the present bid it at $55.  The cream retails for $110.
I am matching it dollar for dollar. 
Emerald has Thyroid Cancer which has invaded her lymph nodes.

I hate cancer and I am so angry!
This awful disease has invaded
the lives of those that I love.

Please continue to pray for Emerald and Hutch. 
Hutch will travel to Houston, TX
for further evaluation and treatment soon. 

I am heavy hearted but not without HOPE!
So many lives have been touched 
and I can't imagine what a miracle would mean
for the glory of God and these families. 

Blessings to You All, 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Any White Pumpkin Will Do

Oh, my I have enjoyed seeing
all the different pumpkins- 
different colors, textures, fabrics,
or painted ones.

I'm just adding a pumpkin or two
each day as I find them.
Of course, any white pumpkin will do. 

I was disappointed that 
The Dollar Tree
had only a small selection.

I actually found this one at Walmart. 
It was $3, a little more than I like to pay.

Yes, I'm a thrifter.
I like to pay no more than $1 for my odds and ends, 
50 cents is better, 25 cents is best!

Ironstone always adds a little something 
to an already little something.

I've added a whole lot to my little something this morning. 

I've found the perfect mix, 
Starbucks single servings from the Kerig
with Cafe Mocha creamer.  

The study of Gideon by Priscilla Shier is amazing. 
I'm finding myself in his story.
His story has lots of stories.

I'm reading!  LOTS!
I take home a stack.  If it doesn't start well, 
I don't finish.  That's terrible, right???
I've never been one to not finish what I started. 
These days, I just don't bother with the things 
that have no meaning. 

This weekend I am taking Christy home. 
The high school drama teacher is putting on a review 
of all the shows and musicals that he directed
at Washington County High School.
The review is to raise money for the new theatre. 

This weekend is the first rehearsal. 

My girl (in the red) will preform songs from
A Chorus Line and Grease.
She will also assist in directing the vocals 
for I Hope I Get It from 
A Chorus Line.

Three trips home this month.
This Grandmother, a young mother, a 9 month old
and a 7-8 hour drive.
We are going to be exhausted.

A Fun-Kind-of Tired!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Melancholy Fall Day

Reading posts, looking at your family photos, and
anticipating Fall has left me kinda melancholy today. 

My mama died in September, and 
I can feel it in the air.  

Don't get me wrong, 
Fall is my favorite time of year.
Judy at Gold Cottage talks about 
anticipating change. 

This season of my life feels a little weird.
Maybe it's the move. 
Maybe it's memories of the past, 
of mama and days when we were all family.

I painted the wooden tool box and filled the
watering can with mama's wooden kitchen utensils.

As much as I am absolutely loving this time
with my Grand babies and children, 
I long for my larger family too.

Strange, but I've felt her nearness so much
since the move.
I've even been cooking her dishes.

I miss my mama and daddy 
and the cousins and grand cousins, 
the nieces and the nephews all together.  

Added some Fall floral that she would have loved.
She loved making all the holidays special.
Family was no longer family
after mama and daddy died. 
They are what held us all together. 

I will share responsibility for some 
of the distance, even encouraged some it 
because of past conflicts.

But it's lonely.
Breaking away, regardless of the circumstances, 
always leaves a hole or a gap in the family circle.

Don't let that happen to you. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Wooden Box

Here's a little of what I've done with some of the stash.

Remember the wooden box?
I decided it not to paint it.

I just washed out the spider webs.
Cleaned it up with Clorox spray
and let the sun dry it. 

I added some Fall florals to a pitcher.
I am staying with whites and naturals.

As I've said before, 
"White is not the absence of color."

Nothing brings out the color of white
like a wooden box. 

Happy Day!


We kept this baby on Sunday. 
Mommy was sick.
She was up all night with a virus.

Daddy is sick now
so I'm picking her up from school.