Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Collector of Ironstone and All Things White

In my puniness I am feeling too bad to do anything but go from blogging to bed and back.

Just taking advantage of this time to explore some new avenues like linking. I read something from Faded Charm about White Wednesday and something about Tuesday's Cowgirl somthing from Farmhouse Porch, two of my favorite blogs. 

This is a test....this is only a test...

Different pieces and colors of white ironstone are staples in my small living spaces.  Layers of white doilies are essential.

My newest ironstone creamer, Made in England, is perfect.

Don't you just love the detail in all the old doilies:)  Like a snowflake, each one unique.

I use different shades of white through-out the house.

This star has traveled to every room in the house and now abides in the bedroom against a green/blue wall.

There is some degree of blue and green in every room with the exception of The Pink Room which holds my collection of fenton hobnail milkglass.

This is my sole piece of fenton in blue opalescent.

Just a few pieces of my loves.


Well, you get the picture:)

Thanks for dropping by!



  1. Hi Bonnie, You have a beautiful collection of ironstone. That's probably my all time favorite collection that I have as well. I like how you showcase some of your beautiful pieces. Love stacking plates of old ironstone.
    Mary Alice

  2. Bonnie, they are so lovely in the cabinet. I hope I did not give you my cold. I am puny too. We can start a group-The Puny Sistas. loveya♥olive

  3. I have small collection of ironstone too, just love it, yours is beautiful!

  4. How funny that you blogged on ironstone yesterday. Love yours!

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    I love ironstone...Your collection is great. And I love, love, love how arranged them with all those pretty doillies. Very pretty.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. Love your ironstone collection! The new creamer is particularly fetching...That cabinet is perfect for displaying them.


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