Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Projects: I Start, I Never Finish

They say it goes with the diagnosis or is it a personality disorder:)

I start....I never finish.

I bought this table at a 1/2 booth for $9.  It was brown and ugly with coated paint.  I didn't really want to strip it-too much work.  I thought I'd spray paint it white and then sand.  When I started sanding, I found multiple colors, black, green, brown.  I gave up!

Too much work!

I kinda like it just like it is.  What do you think??? Could I sell it for $20?


  1. Chippy is good for me. I like it but we two are different you know.

  2. Bonnie: Neat old table. Chippy is the going thing now so you probably could..Happy Thursday..Judy..Thanks again. I can't tell you enough!

  3. I start and don't finish too, Bonnie. The table has great lines and I think you could sell it for $20. I'm working on finishing up projects because I'm tired of all the clutter. At least you have a place to sell your bigger items. I may have a garage sale next month. Time to clean house!
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  4. Ms. Bonnie, I would buy it for $20! I love it!:)

  5. Jessie, I'd let YOU have it for $15:),my favorite customer!


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