Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Stroll Around Town and Halsey Dean Antiques and Interior Designs

I'm just looooving this crisp, springtime weather.  It is absoooolutely beauuuuutiful!

I took a stroll around town again today-me and my little Canon PowerShot.

We have this high-end antique shop-not the typical junk store that I can buy from, but I do love to look and get ideas.

I was actually surprised to find prices a bit lower than I expected.

I got this little bird's nest for $4. Since I was moseying around and taking pictures, I thought it only courteous to buy something.   Not too bad, considering they are probably more than that even at TJ Maxx.

I love the 3-tier metal table and the sweet little tin planters.  I love everything metal and tin.  Although only made to look antique, I still admire them.

The chippy, rusty, metal planter is actually green although you can't see it in this photo. 

This small rustic metal table was only $30-not too bad for high-end.  I think I may have to have it!

Another adorable tin/wire planter-great for herbs.

Thought you may enjoy my day of leisure.  More photos to follow on another day of leisure.


  1. Everything looks great! I love the tiered piece. Seriously, I like it all! Bonnie

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  3. Bonnie: Those are really great items. I love finding some little thing I can afford at a higher end store. It makes me feel so successful..Happy Thursday..Judy


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