Monday, April 23, 2012

Quilt Rack-Turned Corner Cabinet

Remember the piece of junk beside the road that my brother-in-law turned into a quilt rack for me???  Now, it's a display cabinet.

I am so excited!  I finally found a scale.  It is perrrrfect!  A great combinations of whites, a little rusty and a little chippy!

 It didn't fit in the space where I needed my quilts to go so I painted it blue for my den and....voila! I distressed it some.  I'm not sure I like the white background.  It may wind up blue too!

The shelves give me added space to display some of my favorites.  The seashells in the compote were all found on our annual trips to Hilton Head.  The conch shell was found by my nephew on their recent spring vacation to Huntington Beach.  My favorite Willow Tree and photo of my daughter and me are special treasures that I'm glad I can display.

The blues and grays in this shell are perfect!

I just can't get over this fabulous find!  It was $3 at a yard sale.  The only real deal that I've found in a while! 

Well, my blogging buddies, I may be away for a day or so.  Have some sort of infection.  Achy and flu-like symptoms.  Hoped this would cheer me up, but to the sofa I go:0



  1. I love your ironstone! Please come link this up at my party, going on right now!

  2. The scale is awesome Bonnie. Oh no you have caught that awful, awful upper respiratory stuff we have had. May God Heal You-hugs, Olive

  3. Hi Bonnie: Sweet scale, good find. That shell is beautiful..Hope you feel better, take care of yourself..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. Hope this finds you feeling better. I popped over to say Hello and to say thanks for stopping by to read about Linda's gardens and the sweet comments!(couldn't reply back cause you're set up as no-reply, must not have an email linked to your profile)
    Love that scale, $3 was a super bargain for that piece!

  5. Hi, Bonnie! I'm so thankful to have found your blog! I love your ironstone pitchers and that!!! I'm your newest follower. It's always great to meet other believers!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Please stop by any time.


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