Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wax or No Wax?

I bought this desk at an auction for $15. 

It was black.  Of course, I painted it white.

But white with all my whites, was too WHITE!


I picked this color from a picture in a DIY magazine.  The local hardware store scanned it and voila!  The blue matched perfectly with the blue in my rug.

Wanted to try something different so I added a glaze/wax- whatever you girls call it.

Yikes!  I think I like it better without the wax.  It's drying and the verdict is still out on this one! Maybe with some antiqued brass knobs it won't look so bad.  Will let you decide when it's finished.... be continued

The blue makes me think of bird eggs:)



  1. Hi Bonnie: I think it looks pretty. I haven't used that product before but something similar and I always like that look..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy I cooked in my new apron tonight!!

  2. I like both! One seems more of a gray; I think it depends on what you are wanting. Have a wonder Easter! Bonnie

  3. After glazing (a similar product) my coffee table I decided I liked the glaze in groves and decorative places on the piece and not on the smooth places. Happy Easter girlfriend♥

    p.s. I typed girl fiend at first...hehe


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