Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Things You Just Can't Find at Walmart

As I drove around my small town, I began to look for landmarks of the early years.  I saw shop signs and advertisments painted on the side of brick buildings.  I thought, "You sure won't see that kind of art at Walmart."

Ahhh...the Pause that Refreshes!

 You won't find a Walmart sign close to having this character!

The barn-like door to the old ice house.  You may find ice at Walmart hidden behind a glass door and freezer.   Automatic doors may open for you without your lifting a finger.  Automatic may be convenient but never as inviting.

The building reflects the character of it's day-iron and tin.  You will find nothing even remotely resembling the ice tongs on the outside of Walmart-maybe some tongs for frying chicken:)

 I'm not really sure if this was in the original iron staircase, but I know that the outside entrance was seen often back in the day.

Love the scrolled chippy, rusty iron holding each step in place. 
Small town shops have been forced to close and the town square is a memory of days gone by.  We are all forced to shop Walmart.  Small businesses can not compete.  However, you just don't get that down-home-feeling from Walmart.

Okay, yes, you may see this at Walmart. The flower shop is great and the bikes are better suited for the bottom, but can you feel the nostalgia of window shopping like you can on a walk "downtown?"

Love the hometown feel in my small town that you just can't get at Walmart.


  1. Bonnie: I know exactly what you mean. We have a wonderful large neon sign that says Packard. It used to be an old Packard dealership that was right on the main drag. Not these big expansive parking lots that most of them are now. The neon doesn't work on it anymore, but the carpet store that the building houses now, left the sign up and named their store, Packard Carpets. Love the small town feeling!!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. You're so right about these big chain stores coming in and pushing out the friendly, charming mom and pop stores. I love a small town feel where people know you by name when you enter their shop. Great post!!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.
    Mary Alice

  3. The ice house has great details and I detest that it has been defaced by grafitti. Lovely post.


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