Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nothing More Perfect Than Imperfection

I've come to the conclusion that nothing is more perfect than imperfection.

Been working all weekend to get ready for the Sherman Trail Yard Sale in Georgia next weekend.  Although, I won't be there to get the most fabulous finds in just forever, I had to get the shop ready. 

So I took a loveseat from my living room and replaced it with two chairs from the shop.  I won't miss that loveseat AT ALL!  Had it two years and have sat on it once.  The cushions crawl and will put you slap-dab in the middle of the floor.  So good-bye, good riddance!  Hope to make a big sale on the loveseat so that I can slipcover these babies!

Speaking of imperfection.  These are simply perfect although a little faded but FREE!  The boss gave them to me after a long hard day!  They sit divine!  Just not the right color.  So I'm looking for some slipcovers.  Any suggestions, girlies?  These are green and I am a blue and white girl-like the ocean:)

Looking for just the right Shabby Chic cover so guess who I'm reading...

"My philosophy of decor is that nothing should be too precious.  A child should feel free to put her feet on the sofa, a guest, his cup on the coffee table.  I believe in cozy, not fussy; relaxed not stiff.  I believe in living in, on and around one's things not merely with them."
"A roomy, slip covered chair big enough for a child and a dog or two, with slightly wrinkled, worn fabric and ample arms perfect for plopping your legs over."--Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell

I've found the chairs, now which slipcovers???


  1. love reading your blog and you,sister..

  2. Hi there blhitchcock901! Yes I am following you now. Would you consider changing your settings so you can receive emails back (you are a "noreply" blogger - the bain of the blooger world! The color of the paint in my bedroom is Coastline, by Benjamin Moore. It is one of the Aura colors - they will mix those colors in any of their paint, but I recommend the Aura paints highly for their quality and superior coverage. They are worth every penny. BTW I have never been able to represent the color correctly in a picture....


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