Sunday, April 22, 2012

Junk Withdrawal

No junk to unveil.  No peace to be found when you are having junk withdrawal.  I need, I mean desperately need to go pickin'. 
Been working on the weekends in the shop!  My creativity has gone out the window.  I can not get creative if I don't see the creations of others-if I'm not in the dig.
The Sherman March Trail is the first weekend in May and I have nothing to sell.  Help, please! 

This morning in church the pastor said, "There is so peace in....."
And he went on to list all the many places we look for peace.  Among that list he included, "You can't find peace in a yard sale."
As you can see here, the benefits of my junking.  Ball Jars are great vases.  Jello molds are great candle holders!  These I used at a church ladies meeting.  We ladies understand what these preachers don't!

What???  He hasn't been with me!!!  All my friends and fellow junkers looked at me and laughed.  I think God was somewhat amused too!  He knows he created me to junk!


Pulled these honeysuckle bushes right out of the yard.  I wish I could show you the chippy on this chair!  Defnitely not a great photo.  Not sure it's even a great display.  Maybe a good idea?

Thanks for allowing me to vent!  I need a week off to browse the coast and the shops and enjoy the beach!

Happy Monday Everyone (since I'm past midnight my time!)



  1. Hi Bonnie: I have 15 more minutes until midnight, my time.Like Lady GAGA says, You were born this way! I actually love you little vignette of quilt and honeysuckle on chair. The yellow hat is the crowning glory..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Love your post and how you've used your terrific finds.
    As I always say, junkin and thriftn are cheaper than going to therapy! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  3. Darn you! Every time I come to your blog and see the blog title I have to sing it!! Envious of your honeysuckle. it's my FAVE!


    "We'll find a place where there's rooom to grooow..."


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