Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Girl's Weekend

Girls are all about secrets and giggles
texting and wifi
music and mystery
laughter and tears.

I love the canvas above.
The youth leader found it for $5 at Bell's Outlet.
It was a door prize.

My favorite is "I believe a smile is what makes a girl pretty."

Can you believe I got early AM SMILES?

These two are real princesses:)

The house smelled of cookies.
They look a mess but they were YUMMY!

Played a few games of UNO.
My girls (15 years ago!) played UNO all night!
I found that UNO can't compete with WIFI.

Yes, they were yacking at 2 AM:)
Gotta love me some girlies!
(Yes, my tree is still up! LOVE IT!)

8 AM Bible Study came kinda early.

I spoke on Labels that often Define us-
Stupid, Fat, Rejected, Ugly, Dumb, Anorexic,
Who Satan, the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy
says we are.

But they discovered Who JESUS says we are!

They expressed themselves in many ways-


We treated them to a SPA.

Each girl came as a princess
and left

After all, they are DAUGHTERS OF THE KING!

for putting this great weekend together 
for our girls!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A September Wedding of Rustic Charm

A September Wedding...

Specht Farm...

A Blank Canvas...

Let the creative juices flow and the fun begin!

Joy said, 
"The chandelier was an unexpected element of surprise
once you pulled into the pecan orchard."

The antique dresser and mirror, table and chairs with 
vintage linen, and a chalkboard sign were all touches of 
the rustic charm the bride was looking for.

The painted plant stands were the perfect
pops of color needed for the fern baskets.

Love the lanterns atop the natural wooden fence.

The fruit tray looks scrumptious and compliments
the colors in the floral bouquets.

A galvanized bucket full of shrimp.

Wooden barrels make great serving tables.

Cascading lights....

May I have this dance for the rest of my life?

Thanks, Joy for allowing me to eavesdrop on some of your magical moments.

Hopefully, more to come:)


Saturday, January 26, 2013

"A Taste of the Perfect Southern Wedding"

I have been strolling among 
my friends on Facebook
looking for new ideas.

I'd hit a Blogger's "blank"
and needed some inspiration
when I stumbled upon some 
incredible wedding photos.

To my delight and surprise, 
I discovered that 
my friend, Joy Lord
is a magnificent artist.

When we consider art, 
our imaginations are drawn to galleries of 
sculptures, framed photography or 
displays of ink, pencil, oil, and watercolor.

However, according to Webster, 
an artist is an expert, authority, guru, crackerjack,
or master skilled in a particular area
by experience, study, or observation.

I don't know how Joy came to aquire such talent,
whether it was a natural gift or an aquired skill.
Nevertheless, she has the gift of design.

A true artist, she is in every sense of the word.

The Bride is a very practical, quiet, fun-loving 
southern girl.
Not much into flowers, she likes to hunt, 
fish and play sports.

When I asked Joy where she got her inspiration, 
she said, 
"My niece wanted 'simple' so I pulled out 
the mason jars and went to pick cotton for a taste
of the perfect southern wedding."

This photograph, by Natalie McDonald,
another friend, 
captured the true rustic elogance of the moment.
The chandelier in the corner, the upclose branch of cotton,
and beautiful vignette of cotton and candles on the mantle, 
the hanging wooden initials-all sweet tastes of Southern flair.

White Fenton, hobnail vases, brown paper bags, 
and a stem of cotton-
all elements of vintage design.

A sweet thank-you to "momma and daddy,"
sentiments of a true southern belle.

Joy says, "I try to hear what my brides are telling me and 
create a fairy tale wedding for them."

I feel "fairy tale" written all over this, don't you?

More to Come, 


Thanks Joy for allowing me to share.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Becky Doughty, BRAVEHEART

A few months ago, 
I received an email from another blogger,
Becky Doughty

She wanted to feature my post on Sisters.
I was so honored and so humbled.

My writing is not sugar and spice and everything nice.
I just try to be REAL.
Sometimes I find that others can not take my brutal honesty.

Becky is real.
I guess that's why I like her.

This is one of my favorite posts...

Hope you will enjoy reading Becky's posts.
I think you'll find something that speaks to you.

Will post about my girl's weekend  next.

Bonnie :)


Monday, January 21, 2013

A Touch of Pink and a Girlie Sleepover

I love a touch of Pink.

You'd think from looking
at my entire decorating scheme
that BLUE is my color of choice.

I actually have one special room 
in the house for me-
it is my PINK ROOM
in vintage style.

It makes me feel at peace.
In this crazy, busy world
we all need a place of comfort.

On this Holiday off, 
I've been cleaning like crazy.

Gotta get it all pretty for
some sweet girls
from our church youth group.

So, I picked up some things at the shop
that haven't sold in months.

These will go in my Pretty Pink room 
when I decide how to display them.

Don't think my teenage girls will be trying on these,
but they are lovely.

I know I'll have to set the alarm.
I'm sure they'll be sharing
secrets until the wee hours of the morning.

Nothing as sweet as girl talk.

Seems like only yesterday
that my girl was sharing secrets
with her church girls.

Been reminiscing about those days.
Good years, fun times
when the girls stayed up 
til the early morning
playing cards
and singing, 
"This Kiss," by Faith Hill

Hope my girls never forget those days. 

My baby girl has been married almost 9 years.
I can't believe it!
and my daughter in love and son have been married
almost 5 years!
(Photos above)

Do you have a special room?
Do you have moments and memories of your girl talks?

Please share. 
I'd like to hear from you!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who Am I???

I have made so many GREAT, new friends
in Blogland.

I was recently honored and humbled
when one of my blog buddies,
Becky Doughty 
asked if she could use one of my posts.

She has the gift of words-inspired and beautiful.

She is using my post "Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice."

She asks for me to write a little about myself.

I am a  WIFE and  MOTHER of two-a boy and a girl, 
the young man on the left and the young lady on my left.
I think they look alike.

My Beautiful Girl

My Handsome Boy

As little ones, their pictures looked the same,
especially with heads in towels and bottoms covered:)

I am BonBon to the cutest little man you have ever seen.
This photo was taken on last year's beach trip.

Look at him now. 
Can't you tell that he melts my heart.

Okay, so he's what Becky is looking for...
I am a SISTER.

We try new things together.
Yes, she's the crafty one!

And the goofy one:)

Guess that may be debatable, depending on the day!

We have a brother too.
He's the most talented, handsome, crazy/fun brother in the world
We had a jam session at Christmas.

I am "Aunt Bonnie" to many, many nieces and nephews on my husband's side
and 2 nieces and 2 nephews on my side.

Since this article is about the relationship that I share with my sister,
I thought I'd post a photo of me with her little girl. 

Can you tell, she's my heart?
Since our parents died, I'm the only grammy that she has.
She likes calling me BonBon too!

These are my sister, Beverli's two.
So glad they came later.

At one time, my sister and I thought
we wanted each other's life.
So glad we chose differently.
The choice enriched both of our lives in many ways.


I am, first and foremost, 










Friday, January 18, 2013

Hope is like Sweet Kisses on an Ironstone Platter

Healing may come in like a flood.

Healing may be just around the corner.

Healing may be a journey.

Either way, healing will come.

I am in the process of healing.

I received a facebook message from a friend this week
"Your cries have awakened the Master."

I cried, I praised, I rejoiced because
I know she hears from the Master.

My friend teaches like Beth Moore,
loves like Anne Graham Lotz,
and is passionate like Joyce Meyers.

Our Bible Study this week was the little BIG book of Habakkuk.

Habakkuk was not afraid to ask the hard questions!
He poured out his heart.
He asked WHY???
Why injustice?
Why destruction and violence?
Why strife and conflict?

We may ask...
Why the killing of innocent children?
Why the plight of the homeless?

Why aborted babies and babies born to mothers who don't want them
when my baby can't have a baby?

I mean, God, we need a miracle and we need it now.

As the Israelites cried out, I cry, 
"Lord, for the sake of your name answer.
Lord, my baby is hurting and I'm afraid.
Lord, for the sake of your name!"

I ask the hard questions!
He can take it!

Habakkuk got a divine response.
"Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed,
For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe,
even if you were told."  1:5

God is going to answer in a way that there will be no doubt that it is GOD!
We will be utterly amazed

The answer will come.
"For the revelation awaits an appointed time,
it speaks to an end and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it.
It will certainly come and will not delay."  2:3

God is mindful of You, my friend.
Whatever your "WHY", it is gonna end well
and bring glory to God.
There is an appointed time.

This hope feels like sweet kisses on an ironstone platter:)
(Photo taken of a photo by Rachel Ashwell)

In Jesus Name, 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Child's Play and a Tea Set

So, I have a day off and what do I do?

Play House.

My table resembles a child tea set-
a little of this, a little of that.

Mama loved a tea set.  
Maybe it was because she never had one as a little girl.
But she made sure that we got a new one every year. 

Good thing, because I broke or lost a few
and wound up with bits and pieces of this and that.

So, I guess I can call this
child's play.

The temperature in central GA is a whopping 83 degrees.
If it's this warm, why not some beach days.

The seashells have been collected over the years from Hilton Head Island
from our annual beach trips.

I keep them in this tarnished silver bowl.

I like it unpolished. 
A hint of blue peeks through the metal
and makes me think of the ocean.

I picked up the blue salad plates at Goodwill today
for 50 cents a piece.
Good deal, huh?

Not just cheap, "Made in China" stuff either.

Once in a while I take out my hobnail goblets.
I love milk glass.

The table cloth I picked up from a local shop,
an estate find.

Isn't she lovely?

No, I'm not an interior decorator.
But a little girl can pretend,