Friday, May 31, 2013

School Lockers

Another school year is past.

Graduation is done.

Mommies and daddies are wiping tears
and beginning to feel the emptiness of
the nest.

I'm remembering school days pasts.

I can smell the musky aroma of 
sweaty tennis shoes in a gym locker room
while three best friends
sit with brushes in hand
and sing,
 "You Light Up My Life."

 I can feel the push and shove of
classmates in the hallways
hear the sound of lockers slammed.

I can feel the adrenaline and rush 
of trying to get to class before the bell rings.

Never thought school lockers
would become a decorating trend.

Great ideas on pinterest.

Happy Huntin' and Junkin'


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shabby and Chippy/ Rusty and Crusty Flea Finds

Our church is having a YARD SALE Saturday.

Wish you all could come.

I'm selling the remaining JuNk from my booth.

Took a look around today and was so sad.

I hope one day to have a place of my own.

For now, I'll enjoy my few pickin's 
from you.

The following photos were from
The Nashville Flea Market:

The rusty, crusty, clock was fabulous.
I think it would look great anywhere, 
even on a fence in the garden.

Windows are favorite finds of mine.
I love the various sizes and styles. 

I'm supposing this is a garden gate.
Any ideas on how this could be used?

The sheets of tin were in various textures and color,
crusty and rusty.
I thought I had gotten a photo of the the pink.
They would make beautiful wall art.

Just in a junkin' funk.
Sure hope I get my mojo back soon!

Happy Hunting, 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nashville Flea Finds

Half-way Stop-for-the-Night, $90
Fuel, $150
Food, No telling!

Precious Time 
with my babies 
and a trip 
to the Nasvhille Flea Market, 

Don't you just wish every weekend 
was a 3-day weekend?

We had exhausted all our precious
time enjoying each other 
and as always, 

We missed our annual


But we made up for it 
with lots of quality time.

The trip included
The Nasvhille Flea Market.

The booths with color 

Haven't see this before.
I know, where have I been???

This, too, was a different table to my liking. 

I walked around and around this booth
picking up every frame
in every color.

I just couldn't pay $30.
I'll find me some wood
and buy me some clothespins, 
a can of spray paint
and go to town!

I did get a soda crate.
Not one of the slots were missing-
perfect for holding desk items 
or displaying my small milk glass vases.

I heart PINK and old doors!
Wish my pink room was bigger.
Just not enough space in my little 1000 sq ft home
for all my loves!

I so need an old farmhouse!

Just can't enough of that chippy, patina!

But the cutest find of the day
was right close to my heart...

Can't put a price tag on this one!

My Cup Runneth Over, 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Broken Pottery

Most of us, 
vintage-loving addicts
are quite fond of 
our collections
even those with a 
few chips and cracks.

A few days ago, 
I decided to deliberately
break one of my ironstone pitchers.

It's really a creamer 
and I had one exactly like it
minus the chipped lip
thus making it easier to part with.

I put it in a plastic bag
and slammed it against my brick wall.
(I must confess it felt rather releasing)

With one big, SLAM,
the piece shattered
into more pieces than 
you can see.

My goal is to put it back together again.

It won't be easy.
The shards of glass, more than I could gather, 
were sharp and not painless.

There will be cracks and open holes
in my mended pitcher.

Sounds kinda like our lives, 
broken and mended 
by The Potter.

Angie Smith writes, 
"The Lord said to me, 'If it weren't for the cracks,
I wouldn't seep out the way I do'."

God loves the gaps because there is the potential
for more of Himself to be revealed in us.

It's never too late for Him to take 
the broken pieces of our lives
and create something beautiful-
cracks and all.

Which teapot do I like the best?

Yes, the discolored one
with the crack in the lid.

He's Still Working on Me...
(to be continued)



Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pedal Sewing Machine Remake and a Porch Rocker

I've seen so many of you guys
make something out of nothing.

I wish I had your talent.

I've sold several old, dilapidated
pedal sewing machines
which were made into beautiful
pieces of furniture.

I'm not crazy about the granite-topped 
but this....


The slats are perfectly distressed 
for the look that I love.

And green/blue is fast becoming one of my favorites.

You just can't get this natural patina
with a gallon of paint!

(Hey!  I can relate to the pillow:) 
Who said, "Normal is the setting on a dryer?")

We really are a nice, normal family.

Let's face is
Every family is somewhat dysfunctional-
even the preacher's family!

Hope you had a great Sunday
and what I call
a Nazarene Nap.

The weather was perfect for it!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Burlap Adds a Touch of Flair

Vacation Bible School crafts
bulletin board covers 
were about the only uses for burlap
in my younger days.

Burlap squares were often
cut from feed sacks.

I can remember 
sack races out of burlap.
Oh the itch!

Now, you find new items 
already crafted with burlap
and made to look old
old items made to look new.

This small armoire from The Exchange
in Dublin, GA
was without a mirror 
and covered with burlap.
What a great idea!

Metal bird knobs made it a favorite for me!

Just enough distressing to add to its charm.

The vendor of this booth handmade the lamp shade
from burlap and the rosette added a bit of flair.

Colored burlap adds a pop to most anything!

Love, love, love the blue rosette
adorned with a pretty button.

I truly wish I had not passed on the chest.
Maybe it will be there on my next visit:)

Here's Hoping, 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Road

At this point in my life
I have no idea where I am going. 

My feet are taking me one step at a time,
well on some days, anyway.
Other days I'm anxiously walking
running ahead.

On our way from HHI to Savannah, 
Mr. H took a "road less traveled." 

We were looking for 17.
There was no road sign that said "17."

There was a 170 and a 345,
roads obviously under construction.

Does anyone know that you can't always
rely on GPS or Mapquest???

The sign read, "Savannah," so we HE took it.

The uncharted route took us through 
back roads with uprooted trees
and a marshy stench.

Mr. H said, 
"Looks like they are making a new road."


A New Road???

No road signs, hoping that the road 
would lead to our destination, 
we continued on.

In my quiet heart I heard, 
"I know you don't know what your next step is.
I know that you don't know how to be still.
I know that, without my guidance, 
you may choose to run ahead of me
into a mission that misses me."
(I write that BIG because I heard it BIG!)

So what will I do?

After Peter failed God miserably, 
he went back to fishing.
However, when he realized that Jesus 
was there, he immediately threw himself in the water.

In John 2:17, "throw" means to give over to one's care
uncertain of the results.

Angie Smith in "Mended,"
"His desire is for you to throw yourself into the water 
as Peter did.
Leave your nets (your own ideas of what ministry may look like to you,
surrender your dreams, your desires, and what you think your life should look like now)
and run where He calls you.
In that place, you will be healed, 
and when you have been, I daresay you will have a story that is begging to be told."
(my personal thoughts in parentheses)

Needless to say, 
we arrived to our destination
in less time than we had anticipated.

The New Road?

My driver was not the least bit
afraid of where we would end up.
He knew our destination.
(My husband knew that I had been journaling all week.
"He said did you get that down?")

The Holy Spirit, Our DRIVER,
knows exactly the road that we should take.
We must trust Him when He takes us on
an unfamiliar path.

Sometimes He may take us down

Still my anxious heart, Lord Jesus
I'm learning to trust you
with the NEW!

or should I say YIKES!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Love Inconceivable

Mother's Day weekend-
without mama or my children-

Seeing her smile,
makes me smile.

Seeing her world turned upside down,
turns mine upside down.

Seeing him succeed at something 
he absolutely loves,
makes me swell with pride.

Nothing compares to that kind of love.
Been thinking about the way I love them-

-no strings attached
-no matter what they do
-no matter who they become
-no matter the path they choose

I would do absolutely nothing to harm them.
I would be sad if I knew
that there was the least bit of mistrust
in that love.

It is hard for me to fathom that God loves
us (His children) more than the love
I have for mine.

And yet many times, 
I doubt that love, 
and in fear, withhold my trust.

Oh, God teach me that you love me,
more than I love my children.

Such knowledge is more than I can conceive.

And as our family grows,

So does that love.

Such love is inconceivable!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blink: I Almost Missed the Sunset

It's been a good week...
a week of sun, wind and waves. 

A time to pause and refresh and reflect.

I listened to my favorite music,
read from my favorite authors,
stood in awe at the magnificent handiwork of God 
and His creation
and I asked Him to speak to me.

Mr. H and I were able to enjoy 
a dinner cruise on The Spirit of Harbor Town
at Hilton Head Island.

This was big time for me!

The closest this GA girl has been to a cruise 
is my daddy's fishing boat.

I'm a little hard of hearing, 
ok, a lot of a hard of hearing,
and I barely heard the captain 
"Look to the right and you'll see the sun set."
We'll, it was my left and over my shoulder.
(You know Mr. H doesn't like his back to anything.
Is that a man thang?)

Turned around to see this.

A blink...
it was this.

Another blink...
it was gone.

I have been reading and reading again
the book, 
Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole.

This book spoke volumes to me this week
during my quiet moments of reflection.

I found the most simple and yet profound
thoughts in the chapter, "Blink."

Have you ever tried to get the perfect shot
of your child, 
the perfect expression, 
the perfect moment
and click...
 the shutter was too slow
and you missed it...

Blink and it was gone.

There are blink moments in life.
Never underestimate the power of a blink.

I thought back to some of my blink moments...

A baby brother who loves his big sister, trusts her completely,
says one Sunday afternoon, 
"Will you play with me?"
A screech, a "What was that?"
"He's gone."
Three friends sitting in a locker room 
"Try a Little Kindness"
Daddy prays, mama laughs, we all laugh
Daddy keeps on praying, 
A baby, "It's a girl."
Peaches and cream and a love like no other.
"It's a boy!"
"Oh no, we've got a bleeder!"
A little boy playing with the big guys, 
rounds third and slides home, SAFE!
A five year old girl says, 
"Mommy can I invite Jesus into my heart?"
A thirteen year old boy listens intently
at a GA Youth Camp and with tears flowing
down his face says, 
"Mama, do you think he's talking to me."
A six year old sings, "I Choose to be Happy."
Fast forward 13 years, she stands before thousands
and sings, "Holy is the Lord."
Memorial Day and I can't get there fast enough
More blinks...
Daddy's eyes close in death...
My baby boy holds up his baby boy with tears 
streaming down his face saying
through the window, 
"He looks just like me!"
Mama's pain gone.....
 But after 3 years,
I can't blink away the pain...

A week with my husband, 
sweet hugs, 
and back rubs.

Angie Smith said, 
"There are many, many pictures I want to rip up 
and hide...maybe you do too.
But that shouldn't consume me.  
Rather, I want to focus on the beauty of this gift
that the Lord has given.
It is the gift of this breath, this moment, this photograph.
Not one of these-not one-is missed by His eyes.
We don't skate out of view and hope He
catches up with us down the road.
He is ever present in every single breath,
and while I don't understand the mechanics
of how it is possible, I can say that I am 
grateful for this spectacular love."

One more blink
and I may have missed the sunset...

Take a few moments to write down your "Blink" moments.

Angie asks that we meditate on the fact that 
the Lord has been with us through every one, 
and there is nothing that He can't redeem for His glory.

I must believe that!

Don't Miss the Sunset!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lessons Learned from a Kitty

I have a new sweet "love,"
a baby kitten.

Her name is Callie Anne.

My heart longs for Nashville.
I have such a desire to be near by babies,

to watch my grandchildren grow up,

to be there for my baby girl 
when she needs a shoulder to cry one,

to listen as my baby boy shares
the daily adventures of being a daddy.

My heart aches for that.

Knowing my emptiness,
Mr. H agreed to let
a baby come to live with us-
thus our newest member of the family,

Callie is a mix of calico and tabby-
more cali than tabs.

She's busy and a bit mischievous
and not very trusting yet.

I think there's a message in here somewhere.
I'm listening.

Callie misses her mommy.
She really wants someone to love her,
but she's not yet sure.

When she cries I know 
she is lost and lonely

I reach out with a gentle hand
and she's gone in a flash.

I speak ever so softly 
and she backs into a corner.

It's in that corner that I 
hem her in.

Her back to the wall, 
her mommy in front.

Sounds like how I am with God sometimes. 

He longs to show me that I can trust Him
and yet, I'm afraid.

I go from fear to faith.
I want God to wrap His love around me.
I cry for it.
I ache for it.
And yet, can I trust Him???

"There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear,
because fear has to do with punishment."
1John 4:18

So, like Callie, God sometimes has to hem me in
to prove His love for me-
even when His doing so makes me uncomfortable.

My favorite chapter in the Bible is
Psalm 139, 
"You have hedged me in 
behind and before,
And laid your hand upon me." v.5

Who wants to be hedged in?

Upon further study I learned  
to be hedged in, hemmed in
really means to have God on one side
and God on the other,
between His grace and love.

"Such knowledge is to wonderful for me to attain." v.6

Hemmed in, 
Callie found love
and she rested in that love.

What she had ran from and hidden from
and cried for, 
found her.

Isn't that just like God?
He finds us?

She snuggled with me, 
purred for 30 minutes or more,
licked me,
and finally fell asleep
in the safest place, 
her mommy's arms. 

I read this week that there is something very therapeutic
about a kitten's purr.

I'm feeling much better
and Callie is feeling more and more at home.

Next week, is vacation.
Time to bask in the sun, 
hear the crash of the waves,
 feel the breeze.

It's here that I am most able to feel my Father's love.

See ya soon!