Sunday, July 20, 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!

If there's anything that helps the sinking feeling 
of depression, it is time with my children. 

This weekend was an incredible celebration 
of NEW Life!
I can't begin to tell you how elated 
we all were.  
Connor says he's having "a baby cousin."
Cora is going to have a playmate.

These photos of Grandy and his Connor-man
are priceless.
I'll let you judge for yourelf.

DAY 1: Thursday evening

They started out watching Toy Story.

Connor was spellbound.  

Somebody's got somebody's nose.

Mr. H said, "I could eat this up!"

Can you see that look of adoration?

And then the fun began.

Why is it that boys, big and small 
like to wrestle?
It always scares me to death!

 Of course, there was BonBon and Cora time.

She is one happy little girl.

A sleeping beauty for sure!

A doll-baby for sure!

We celebrated all weekend.


My son and daughter in law were so excited 
for his big sister and brother in law.

All of my girls are excited.

Connor wanted to celebrate with ice cream.
"Chocolate, my favorite."

At the end of the day, this was one tuckered out little boy
and we were one happy family.

More to Come...



  1. Congratulations, Bonnie, for such lovely grandchildren and the baby girl on the way!

  2. Yes...boys will be boys no matter how old they get!
    Congrats to all on the baby girl that is on the way!

  3. It sounds like a perfect weekend.....memories made!

  4. You're right - time with grandkids is the best! Our Alaina spent the weekend too and we were happy.
    So happy about the new little girl!

  5. bonnie, That looked like great family time. I love seeing and Conner wrestle. The baby sucking her sweet. xoxo,Susie

  6. I agree, grandchildren light up our lives.

  7. So happy you had this time with precious family. I love every photo!

  8. I think it is time to start putting "It's time to move" in Mr. H's head (wink). Thanks for sharing, Bonnie..very lovely!! Blessings

  9. There is NOTHING that compares to our grands! SUCH A BLESSING!

  10. Aww...what a precious post! So glad you had a wonderful time! Those babies are so adorable and I can tell by the looks on yours and hubby's faces that you were having a blast...great pics of all of you!

  11. Looks as if a little Grandboy has his Granddad spellbound....Love those pics...I love the name "Bon Bon". Is this what the Grands call you? I can see and read how happy they make you.. Enjoy.. Blessings!

  12. Oh, you're having so much fun!


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